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Moving to Los Angeles: Why is Everything Different There?

Moving to Los Angeles: Why is Everything Different There?

When moving to the West Coast, many people consider going to Los Angeles as their destination. The city provides many opportunities to individuals, couples, families, and retirees. Yet there are also some amazing things there that not many people know about. So they are surprised when coming to Los Angeles because they assumed this location is like other cities that they may have lived in previously. Here are a few things that make LA different from other cities across the country.

It's Not Considered Walkable

People drive everywhere. The city is about half the size of Rhode Island and everything is spread out. The freeway system also takes up most the of walkable areas. When you arrive, consider getting a car if you don't already have one. Even the public transportation system is not as robust as other cities. While the LA Metro System is expanded, scooters, crowded buses and cars are basically the go-to mode of transportation.

Traffic Congestion is A Mess

There's no such thing as a short trip to the beach, store, or work unless you live within less than a block of those places. Traffic congestion is legendary in the city. Even when you are driving a mere 15 miles away, it could take you over an hour to get there. Give yourself plenty of time if planning on going out, map out your best, shortest routes, and leave at a time when hopefully there are fewer cars out on the road.

Cost of Housing Is High

People don't move to LA to look for cheap housing. A one-bedroom apartment could cost roughly $2,300. Unless you have a high paying and stable job, then it's probably in your best interests to find some roommates who can split the costs. It is not uncommon for people living in apartments and houses to have more than one roommate. Think about where you want to live in LA, how to manage the costs, and consider your moving and storage options.

The Weather is Always Great

This in no exaggeration. Except for San Fernando Valley, the days are always warm and the nights are always cool year round. You'll see mostly rain in the winter. But otherwise, the weather is nice enough to always be outdoors doing something fun and recreational with your time.

Engage in All Types of Outdoor Recreation at Once

The amazing thing about the weather and climate in LA is that you could go surfing at the beach in the morning and then head out to the mountains for some skiing and tubing. Not many places in the country allow such disparate activities all on the same day. Yet if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can do just that. So make out your plans to grab your gear from self-storage and hit the beach and the mountains for a great day of exercise and fun.

Creatives are Everywhere

One of the biggest industries in LA is entertainment. You may run across would-be actors, musicians, comedians, or writers all in one day. You also may bump into an award-winning Oscar-nominated celebrities shopping at their favorite places. While it's exciting to see famous celebrities rubbing elbows with their fans, keep in mind that they also have normal lives off the screen. Don't just mob them and expect them to take a selfie or sign an autograph if you demand one on the spot.

Be Aware of the Air Quality When Outside

While the sun may always be shining, it may be difficult to see it in the sky due to the cloud cover. Those clouds are smog, which can impact people with breathing conditions. While the city and its residents have taken great strides to lower the amount of pollutants that get into the air, you need to be prepared for those sensitive days when you want to stay indoors, head out of the city, or carry along a prescription inhaler.

Downtown LA is not the Anchor of City Life

Sure, there are plenty of things to do in the downtown region. However, for LA, the city is not defined by its downtown area. Instead, there are pockets of culture and activities that take place in other neighborhoods, such as West Hollywood. When a major event, festival or parade is taking place, you should research and find out if these activities are happening outside the downtown region.

Foodies and Wine Enthusiasts Love LA

The local produce is phenomenal in LA. Farmer's markets are hot spots to where a person can spend several entertaining hours just perusing the wares. Many restaurants also take part in farm-to-table setups by always offering the freshest produce available. The same thing goes for the wine. There is a strong wine culture in the city and dinner parties will always have a few bottles to taste when your outside in the backyard enjoying the wonderful weather and company.

Never Wait Before House Hunting

Looking for an apartment or home can be a challenge due to the tight market and higher cost of living. Don't be surprised that once you get to LA and chose a neighborhood, you decide to move again to another neighborhood that is better to your tastes. While you don't need to have a lease already signed before moving here, you should consider looking for a place to live before making the long drive with your belongings to get the feel of real estate market prices and types of community amenities that are available. Get a self storage unit to hold your items if you plan to stay with friends or relatives while looking for a place of your own.

Los Angeles is an incredible city to move to whether it is a temporary stay or a long-term one. You'll always enjoy the food, friends and weather when coming to this city.