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If you are looking for self storage units in the State of Texas, we can help. You can browse self storage facilities in our most popular Texas cities and find a cheap storage unit near you. If you are uncertain of your storage needs, give us a call and we can assist you in choosing the right self storage unit. Whether you are cleaning out your garage, or looking for a facility with drive-up units, there are numerous self storage facilities in the State of Texas to choose from. Climate controlled units, car storage, boat storage, RV or motorcycle storage are just a click away.

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If you are looking for self-storage units in Texas, we can help. Our list of most popular Texas cities is alphabetized and storage units in those cities are just a click away. Whether you are looking to store an RV or just cleaning out your garage, a self-storage unit can be an economical way to gain extra space in your home or even in your business. If you are uncertain what type of self-storage unit would be best for you and your items, give us a call. Our storage experts can help you calculate the amount of space you need and choose a facility in your area to meet those needs.

Weather in Texas and its Effect on Storage

Texas is the second largest state in America and the second most populous. As such, there are numerous self-storage unit facilities in nearly every city and county. Texas contains some unique and diverse landscapes and weather each year. Nearly 10% of the state is actually desert, and the rest is divided into rolling plains, grasslands, hills, coastal swamps, and piney woods.

The weather in Texas is just as diverse and the terrain. Multiple climate zones run through Texas. The Panhandle of the state has cold winters, but the Gulf Coast portion of Texas has mild winters. The western side of Texas only sees 8.7 inches of rain a year, while the southeast portion of Texas sees up to 64 inches of rain each year. Texas even gets snow, especially in the Panhandle and in the mountainous region of West Texas.

Summers in Texas are hot, with temperatures reechoing in the 100s. Thunderstorms also frequent the Lone Star State and hurricane season bring numerous hurricanes to the Gulf side of Texas.

In addition to rain and thunderstorms, Tornado Alley runs also through the northern section of Texas. Each year more than 139 tornados blow through Texas, and Texas has seen some of the most destructive tornados in history.

If you are a resident in Texas, you need to take the wild changes in weather into account before you decide on the right storage unit for your needs. Due to the high winds, that tornados bring, and the punishing rains of hurricanes, Texas residents would be wise to consider enclosed or even indoor climate controlled storage units for their belongings. For larger items, such as trailers and RVs, a covered outdoor storage space may be ideal.

Motor Vehicle Storage in Texas

Texas cities are growing by the year and more people are moving to Texas than ever before. Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio are all bustling with new businesses, families, and corporations. New residents to the Lone Star State may find themselves quickly outgrowing their homes and unable to use their garages for all of their automobiles, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. If you have a truck, RV, boat, or motorcycle, you may need to store your vehicle in a self-storage unit to keep it safe. Many subdivisions have rules against RVs and campers being parked outside - even in driveways and motorcycles are easily stolen if they are not kept inside a garage.

Luckily, there are numerous options to choose from when looking for self-storage in Texas. From Dallas to Galveston, there are self-storage units available to fit everyone’s needs and budgets.

Population in Texas

From 2000-2006, Texas had the fastest growing population in the nation. While that has cooled slightly, thousands of individuals and families move to Texas every year. In 2013, more than 26,000,000 people lived and worked in Texas - a 5.2% increase since 2010. 2/3 of those individuals live in a major metropolitan area, such as Dallas or Houston.

Storage Units TX and Vehicle Storage Units TX

If you are planning a move, cleaning out your garage or attic, scaling down your business, need secure vehicle storage or just need some extra space, you can use to find cheap storage units Texas. We understand how valuable the items you’re storing are to you and that's why we can help you find self storage units near you with security access. Whether you are in need of climate controlled storage units, drive up storage units, uncovered parking spaces or covered parking spaces, we can help you locate the right storage units TX. No more worrying about your belongings being protected or taking up valuable space in your home or business, simply ask us, where do I find Texas storage units near me? 

Most people prefer TX self-storage units primarily because they feel it gives them that extra space to keep and access their belongings. Whether you are storing household goods which require fully enclosed units or you need car storage which may require covered parking spaces, we can help you identify cheap TX storage units. You put on your own lock, keep control of the key and many sites offer extended hours or 24-hour access. With many facilities having security cameras and touch-pad access which requires a passcode. This means your belongings are safe and secure and you can feel confident storing nearly anything. 

Self-storage allows you a great deal of flexibility. Whether you need RV storage, household good storage or you want vehicle storage, the right public storage unit is waiting for you. Texas self storage offers a wide range of options including indoor storage units, drive up storage units, covered parking spaces and uncovered parking spaces. You can find the unit you need for an affordable price, regardless of your budget.  

We know size is a concern, that's why we take the time to offer the best cheap TX storage units in a variety of sizes. You can find 5 x 5 storage units, 5 x 10 storage units, 10 x 10 storage units, 10 x 15 storage units or 10 x 20 storage units specifically designed to meet your needs. While many units are located on the ground floor, there are also TX self storage units which are located on second, third or fourth floors with full elevator access.

If you are looking for car storage, RV storage or vehicle storage, we can also help you identify storage facilities TX that offer sizes suitable for your needs. A 10 x 30 unit will easily fit a large vehicle, medium sized vehicle owners can use a 10 x 20 unit and 10 x 10 storage units will hold smaller vehicles. Something for everyone at a reasonable price is what makes the best self-storage choice when looking for a self storage unit online. Most storage units in Texas are climate controlled units meaning no matter what you are putting in your unit, you can feel confident the items will not be damaged because of humidity or other environmental factors. 

If you are worried about access to TX storage facilities, we can help you find the public storage that will enable you to access your unit 24 hours a day if needed. Many Texas self storage companies allow unlimited access during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., seven days a week, 365 days a year. For many people, this access works well. However, if it does not meet your needs, we provide facilities that offer 24 hour access storage units near Texas. 

Whether you are storing household goods, storing your vehicle or need an extra space storage unit for your personal use or business, you can count on to help you find the right public storage TX at a price you can afford. No more wondering whether you have made the right decision; we can get you access to large, small or medium units with month to month rental options, long and short-term options, no credit card and no deposit is required to reserve a storage unit.  

We can help you find the perfect cheap storage TX and help you find the best storage unit deal online. Today, you can book your TX storage unit for FREE, whether you need household good storage, RV storage or vehicle storage for your snowmobile, motorcycle or jet-ski. Many cheap Texas storage facilities have on-site managers which is an added security feature while others have security cameras and keypad access, some of the best security you can ask for. What are you waiting for? Find the best TX storage facilities today and book a self storage unit now.

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