Self storage is ideal for businesses of all sizes.

When you have a business, one of the issues you might face is where to put all of the things your business needs to store, like inventory or extra equipment.

Depending on the type and size of the business you have, there may not be space at your store's location or your house to store everything you need or want to have available – but you still need to be able to get to those things quickly.

1 Business Storage Units

Because so many people experience that issue, almost 35% of all rentable self-storage is used for business purposes. It's a great way to put your business' items in a safe, protected place, and still be able to access them quickly and efficiently.

Self-storage is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from larger stores that might buy a lot of inventory at one time through to smaller companies that are operated out of a person's home. Especially if you have very limited space or you don't have an actual storefront, it can be important for you to make sure you have a good place to store all of the things that are valuable to your business.

Self-storage is an affordable and convenient storage solution for people who have small businesses or larger companies, since there are so many different sizes of storage units available. You can get a small unit to put a few things in, or rent a much larger space where you can store inventory and equipment with ease.

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2 More about Self-storage for Business

The self-storage industry has expanded to give businesses options they didn't have before. From Miami to San Antonio to San Diego, and from Las Vegas to Minneapolis to New York, now it's easier than ever to use a self-storage unit to help you manage and operate your business as efficiently as possible. Having self-storage options can also let you spend less on your business for the storage space you need for inventory, equipment, or other items. Rather than take on more office or commercial space, a business storage unit allows businesses to maintain their present location, while also freeing up space within that location.

You won't have to struggle with a stockroom that's packed to the rafters, or miss out on a sale because you couldn't find what you were looking for in the back room where you keep your extra inventory. Those kinds of problems happen more than you might think, especially with smaller companies that don't have a lot of storage space, or with larger companies that simply have too much inventory and lack a good way to organize it properly. While it's common, it doesn't have to be the way you handle your business.

Many self-storage facilities have even created virtual offices for business owners. In their facilities, business owners can take advantage of several convenient facility amenities like coffee, snacks, conference rooms, computers, printers, faxes, copiers, access to the internet, Wi-Fi, mail boxes, and the ability to ship and receive packages. By having all of those options available to business owners who are using a storage unit, these facilities bring in more business and get more companies interested in renting space there. It's a winning situation for the storage facility and the companies that need the extra space.

Catering to businesses and giving storage customers the ability to conduct business at the facility, appears to be a growing trend in the industry. With more facilities considering offering those amenities, it's quite possible that a much larger number of companies will move toward using a self-storage facility as a stockroom or inventory storage area, and that online businesses and the self-employed will also begin taking advantage of this new option.

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3 Businesses that Benefit from Business Storage

Some businesses that could benefit from the use of storage are:


Many accountants keep a lot of files. While much of what they do can be completed online and also stored that way, paper copies may also be needed. Since they often work with a lot of different people and companies, they need somewhere to keep all the tax returns and other items they generate for their clients. Accountants can work for big firms, but a number of them are single-person operations. They may have a small storefront location, or even work out of their home, so proper, off-site storage that is safe and secure is essential to them.


It's no secret that attorneys can generate a huge amount of paperwork. From fighting to get a DUI cleared from a client's record to handling a complicated divorce, processing a will, or anything else that requires the services of a lawyer, the motions and other filings can really add up. Some of these things are now being handled online, but most still involve a lot of paperwork. Even once the case is closed, that paperwork can't just be thrown away. It has to be kept, sometimes forever, and that can mean a need for a lot of storage.


Electronic medical records are becoming increasingly popular, but not all doctors use them. Many doctors that handle things electronically also often keep a paper copy, just in case something happens to the electronic record. Even for doctors who are going strictly electronic, there are still records from past and current patients that were on paper and will either be kept that way or converted to electronic format at some point in the future. In the meantime, all of those patient records have to be stored somewhere, and a business storage unit is a great off-site solution to the problem.


Like medical professionals, attorneys, accountants, and others, pharmacists have patient records they need to keep. They also have stock of medications that they most frequently use, so they can fill prescriptions when patients request them. With all of the storage needs they have, there sometimes isn't room to stock everything and keep all of their records at the pharmacy. When that turns out to be the case, they need an off-site solution. A business storage unit can help meet their needs, while giving them a secure and protected place for storage of medications, records, equipment, and anything else they need to keep in a safe place and access quickly.

Pharmaceutical representatives

Representatives who work for pharmaceutical companies have a lot of samples of different medications that they need to provide to medical professionals. They generally have a travel case or a rolling suitcase they bring with them to their appointments, so they can offer plenty of sample options. There's more to the job than just that little case, though. There are hundreds of medications, and dozens of doctors that a rep might work with. Having a protected and secure space to keep all those medication samples is important, and a business storage unit can be the right choice.


If you have rare or precious items you often exhibit, where are you going to keep them? Some people store them in their home, but not everyone has the space to do that. For people who know they need to take good care of these things, but who aren't sure of the best way to go about doing that, a business storage unit can help solve their problems and concerns. Antiques, furniture, collectables, miniatures, train sets, and almost anything else you can think of to exhibit can be stored in a unit and protected from the elements, so the exhibitor can show it off at conventions and other important events.


The job of a Realtor isn't easy, and it often comes with more paperwork and equipment than many people expect. Especially for a real estate broker, there are signs and posts and lockboxes, along with other advertising and sale items, that have to be considered – and all of those things need a space to be stored in when they aren't being used. A business storage unit can be a great way to store all of those things away from the office, but in a convenient location where they can be easily located and used by agents who are putting properties up for sale.


Contractors often end up with extra inventory. They may have bought too much of something, or they salvaged a lot of things that came out of a house when they did a remodel. They also have a lot of tools they use, and they need a place to store all of those things until they need to use them. With a business storage unit, these contractors can put everything in one spot, and always know where it is. The tools and equipment will be protected from the elements, and the extra items that they store can be used on another project.


Like contractors, builders have a lot of equipment they need to use when they create homes or businesses. They also have inventory of certain items that they have purchased and not needed, or that they buy in bulk and use on nearly every home. With that in mind, they often don't have the storage space they really need for all of these things, so a storage unit can be the solution they are looking for. Items in the storage unit are safe and protected, as well as easy to access, and they won't clutter up a home or business.


Owning and operating a restaurant can be really exciting, but it can also be stressful. There is a lot of equipment needed, along with inventory that goes well beyond the food that is served. Extra dishes and silverware, another fryer or refrigerator, and things like paper towels for the bathrooms all have to be stored somewhere. The same is often true with canned or other types of packaged goods. If there isn't much room in the restaurant itself, a business storage unit can be a great place to put all those extra things so they can be out of the way but gotten to easily.


A retail business needs plenty of inventory. If they don't have much of anything to sell, their chances of success are far lower than their competitors, who have a lot more options. With that in mind, it's important to make sure that you have the right place to store all of that inventory, so you can get to it quickly but not have it crowding the space where customers or employees need to move around. The way to do that is through use of a business storage unit, so you can have inventory that's easy to get to, but that's not in the way in your store.


Movers don't just carry things from one place to another. They also need equipment to do their job the right way. In addition to a truck, they can have dollies and handcarts, carrying straps, moving blankets, ropes and cables for tying items down, pallets, rolling platforms, and many other types of equipment that they use to make their jobs easier and more efficient. Because they have all of those things, they also need a place to store them. With a business storage unit, they don't have to worry about their items when they aren't using them on a job.

Lawn/Landscaping companies

Companies that handle lawn maintenance and landscaping use mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, edgers, and other types of equipment to make their customers' lawns look great. Often, these companies are fairly small and are operated out of the owner's home. That means there isn't always room for a lot of equipment to be stored on-site, and an off-site solution can be the better choice. For off-site storage options, there's nothing better than a business storage unit. It's a great way to protect items and equipment, but also make sure that everything is easy to access when it's needed.

Apartment managers

Managing an apartment complex is a full-time job, and requires a lot of work. It also requires maintenance, and the more equipment and inventory the manager has, the easier it will be to take care of problems and fix issues quickly. A great place to store that inventory and equipment is a business storage unit, so it's not cluttering up an office or other on-site location, but it's easy to access anytime it's needed. Tenants who get their problems fixed quickly are going to be happier, and that will make the apartment manager's job a little easier, as well.

Business storage is a great way to make valuable office space available if your business is expanding or if you are downsizing to a smaller building. The fact is that it's much more economical to rent a storage unit, rather than rent commercial space. This, coupled with the business amenities offered at many facilities, makes self-storage very appealing to business owners, both big and small.

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4 Benefits of Business Storage

The single best benefit to renting a business storage unit is that you can save money, and that's always a good thing. Especially if you're just starting your business, or you're looking to continue to build and expand what you have, you'll need to find ways to save money and still provide great service to customers. There are all kinds of ways to do both of those things at the same time, and having a self-storage unit for your business is one of them, and businesses can choose from climate controlled storage units or drive-up storage units.

Business storage units are more economical than commercial real estate properties, and with convenient month-to-month rentals, you can gain additional space without hefty contracts. Don't get yourself stuck into renting a warehouse for inventory, or a storefront that you're not really ready for, just so you can have a place to put things. It's much better to focus on economical solutions, and a business storage unit is among the most economical and convenient options to consider.

Another advantage to business storage is that you can have UPS/FedEx deliver right to your storage facility, saving you time hauling your business goods to and from facilities. If you choose an outdoor storage unit, you can even drive right up to your unit. This makes loading and unloading your items easier. It's one of the big advantages of having this type of business storage, especially if you buy or sell any items that are heavy and that can be difficult to move around without the convenience of a drive-up unit.

Many people who are self-employed or who operate businesses out of their homes use storage units for inventory and/or equipment. Your home probably isn't set up to be a great place for boxes and boxes of inventory. Even if you have a spare room, or a basement or attic where you can store a lot of things, it can still be very inconvenient to have those spaces taken up with inventory for your business. Depending on the size and organization of the space, it can also be difficult to find the things you need quickly and efficiently. That's a problem you can avoid by getting a business storage unit.

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5 Top Reasons you Need Business Storage

Businesses from restaurants to freelance writers can benefit from a business storage unit. When do you know you are ready for more space?

Moving is not an option

Many accountants keep a lot of files. While much of what they do can be completed online and also stored that way, paper copies may also be needed. Since they often work with a lot of different people and companies, they need somewhere to keep all the tax returns and other items they generate for their clients. Accountants can work for big firms, but a number of them are single-person operations. They may have a small storefront location, or even work out of their home, so proper, off-site storage that is safe and secure is essential to them.

If your business is outgrowing its current space, it may be tempting to look into moving into a larger office. The excitement of looking for a new place is very real, and it can be a lot of fun to dream about the great location you can find and how you'll attract a lot more customers that way.

Unfortunately, many business owners are locked into a lease or a contract for their current location, and breaking that contract would be costly. That can make moving to another location a poor choice. The good news is that there are other choices that can help with space issues.

For example, when moving is not an option, business owners can find extra space by renting a storage unit. That gives them a place to store all the extra things they really need but don't use all the time, like some of their equipment, extra inventory, and other necessary items. They can get to everything quickly and easily, but it's not cluttering up the space they're actually using for their business, and that can be an excellent balance between having enough of what they need and not feeling cramped or constrained by the space they're in.

Your budget is small

If your business needs more space, but your budget won't let you add additional square footage, a storage unit is definitely the way to go. These units are much, much less expensive than adding on to your existing space, moving, or renting additional storefront or inventory storage (warehouse) space, so you can work within a small budget and still get everything you need. Storage units are more economical than commercial property in a number of ways, and can help you gain the space you need to grow your business without breaking the bank.

You won't pay electricity, or a water or gas bill on a storage unit like you would on commercial property, and you only need insurance for the items you're storing, not the structure. It's a great way to do a lot with a small budget, so you can keep clients happy and help your business continue to grow and thrive.

Many companies that are just getting started have small budgets, and even more established businesses might not have a lot of extra money lying around. The good news is that you're not trapped when you don't have a lot of money to spend. A storage unit can be just the solution you're looking for.

You have seasonal inventory

Many businesses have seasonal inventory that that can take up valuable space in the office when not in use. Maybe you buy all your holiday items early and at a discount, or you know that you're going to need a lot of a specific item for an even that's coming up months later.

That can be frustrating if you don't have the space to store those things, because buying them in smaller quantities or at a later date could have you paying more. There are ways around that, and one of the best is to rent a business storage unit to put all that seasonal inventory in until you need it.

Units can even be rented throughout the United States to make distribution to those markets a lot easier. That can save you a lot of money on shipping. You won't need to have all your inventory sent to one place and then shipped out to other parts of the country. You can just have a set amount of your inventory sent to each company location and stored in a unit nearby, so your employees will have access to everything they need, right when they need it.

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6 You need document storage

Even in today's digital online age, businesses still have overwhelming paper documents that need to be stored. Depending on the kind of business you have, you may find that you continuously generate a lot of documentation that you aren't always sure just what to do with. That can be a serious problem, but it's not the end of the world. There are great ways to find room for all of that documentation that you can't part with, and a storage unit is one of the best and most economical ways to safely and securely store all kinds of documents for your business.

Whether they're client charts or old invoices, a storage unit can be just what you need to organize your documents and keep them safe.

You can also access them easily that way, and keep them close by so you can get to them quickly if you need them. You don't want to keep a client waiting if they need a document that relates to them and their relationship to your company, so the faster and easier you can access the documents you store, the better off your business and your customers will be.

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