Finding your interior design style

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Finding your interior design style

Interior decoration is a culmination of varying styles. You may have one or many, but it’s good to know what the different styles are so that you can figure out which one you cater to the most. Keep in mind that styles differ as trends change, but having a base from which to work with is key.If you have more than one style and want to change during the year, keep the furniture for the style you won't use in a self storage unit instead of getting rid of them and having to buy new ones when your desire to change styles strikes.

When you work with designers, based on the types of furniture and design choice you make, they usually give you a certain style. Knowing the different styles can help you navigate through your choices in a smooth, efficient way. Here are the basics and their elements:

Modern/Contemporary – This is by far one of the most popular right now. Clean, sleek lines and futuristic furniture dominate. Abstract paintings and basic shapes and colors. Modern design looks very simple but usually takes quite a bit of planning. It can range from beautiful simplicity to high-end luxe. Colors range from muted to bold and bright, depending on taste.

Shabby Chic – This design style appeals to individuals who prefer simple living, or the illusion of simple living. Relaxed furniture, styles and colors blending together to make a statement. This also pairs with the vintage style. Most people who follow this trend enjoy items that were previously owned and scourge thrift shops and estate sales for their finds.

Rustic – If you are into the outdoors and woodsy environments, this is the design style for you. Elements of being outside, including deer statues, solid core wood cabinets, tables and earthy tones dominate.

Southwestern – This is Spanish influenced design, which includes red clay, fireplaces and a somewhat rustic feel. Earthen tones and beautiful muted colors are key here. Ceilings are usually beams and poles, instead of being smooth. Accessories vary in different selections of ironwork.

Asian – Beautiful Asian furniture, simple lines and clean areas take over with this style. Most color schemes are usually ingrained with some form of black, white and grey but can be integrated with any color. Asian design is based on the need to create balance and harmony. Furniture is strategically placed and everything has a meaning for being in the room. A very simple design style. No clutter at all.

Traditional – tried and true. It includes Victorian styles and comfy home. Traditional furniture is more on the old-world style of design and can usually be seen in older homes or individuals who like to accent their homes with traditional pieces. Traditional styles can be integrated into any other style for great contrast.

These are just some of the design styles that are popular. Other styles include beach, garden, Tuscan, cottage and more. Having some idea on the type of style you like and which one would cater to your needs can help when deciding colors, accessories and furniture. It will also give you an idea on how you want your space to look. With anything, mixing styles together can work if you plan carefully. The rest is up to you. Happy designing!

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