Email Marketing vs Social Media - Which is Better for your Self Storage Brand

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Email Marketing vs Social Media - Which is Better for your Self Storage Brand

The constant influx of new online marketing trends can make it difficult to determine which outlet deserves your marketing dollars. While email marketing has been around longer than social media, there are still a few advantages to undertaking social media for your self storage business. Social media offers the ability to increase the visibility of your self storage brand, connect more easily with customers and provide immediate help in terms of customer service. Email marketing, on the other hand, has long been the favored communication tool for businesses.

So, how does email marketing stack up against social media? Well, we’ve broken it down for you so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for your self storage business:

Consider usage – While anecdotal evidence suggests that just about everyone is on social media due to its undeniable popularity, email is actually the number one most popular Internet activity. 94 percent of Internet users utilize email when compared to the 64 percent who use social media. This means that there is a bigger audience for your self storage marketing messages available via email. Another important aspect of usage to consider is the type of message. There are some that work better on social media, especially when the content is meant to be interactive. Messages like these should be distributed through the appropriate channel instead of simply just chasing the numbers on email marketing.

Keep all the benefits in mind – This may be a tough one since both platforms have a number of features that make them excellent marketing tools. However, there are certain areas where social media excels over email marketing and vice versa. Social media would be great for generating brand awareness for your self storage business while email marketing would help you bring in repeat customers. In an instance like this, it would be wise to go back to the drawing board and figure out exactly what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to get the name of your self storage facility out there to as many new customers as possible or are you more interested in keeping loyal customers? The answer to this might be one or both. Therefore, once you know the goal, it will be easier to decide on one or a combination of both tools.

Growth and reach – These are two of the most important aspects in this comparison. You don’t just want to choose the most popular tool; the amount of potential is also important. According to Media Bistro, 75 percent of online users say that email is their preferred communication tool, especially when it came to accessing commercial information. Since your self storage business is commercial in nature, this is an important statistic to keep in mind. Email marketing might have a wider reach but social media marketing slightly exceeds it when it comes to growth in spending. The amount of dollars businesses are spending on growing social media marketing efforts increased by 100 percent in 2012 while email marketing spending grew by 60 percent in the same time period.

Based on the current data, it would indicate that email marketing wins out on social media in terms of results and effectiveness. However, this does not mean that social media is to be ignored. Your self storage business could benefit from combining both these efforts. This would be a manageable task since social media is a relatively cost-effective and affordable marketing avenue to pursue.

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