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Not all locations are created equal, we have the perfect solutions for you.
Decide what is best for you based on your location and storage units prices.

$135 PER MONTHFrom 1 to 10 facilitiesUnlimited reservations and rentals


Real-Time Reservations and Property Management Software Synchronization.

Your prospective customers will be able to make a self storage unit reservation 24/7/365. When a reservation is made you are instantly notified by email. You'll get the customer's contact info, unit size and special selected, and move-in date.

Each time you get a new lead, an email is sent directly to the email address provided. Each notification will include customer contact information which will include a phone number and an e-mail address. Having this pertinent information will allow your associates to accommodate the prospective tenant in a timely manner. Prompt responses to customer inquiries result in superb sales conversions.

Online Reservations

The Online Reservations feature is our main lead generator. Customers have the convenience of searching and reserving a storage online. We display your unit sizes, prices, specials, and amenities to make it easier for customers make a decision and reserve the storage unit right away.

When your facility gets a reservation both you and the customer will receive email confirmations with details about the customer, facility, and unit reserved. If automatic synchronization is set up, the reservation will reflect in your property management software as well. You can then contact your customer by phone to complete the unit rental as usual.


Instant Email Notifications & Activity Tracking Analytics.

Free and easy setup. Real-Time facility data synchronization.

Your Facilities

Easily Manage Your Listings.

Your facility listings are 100% controlled by you or your management staff. You never have to wait to make necessary and timely changes to your facility profiles. Access is always available through our listings control panel. If you prefer to disclose or highlight your amenities, add and delete data at your leisure —it’s your choice.

Track your facility profile activity

You can track your facility's profile activity and make changes to improve conversions as you see fit. For example, you can run different Online Specials, upload more detailed pictures or videos of your facility and units, or write a better description of your facility and see what increases conversions the most. All the activity is logged and viewable in your account page.

Use our easy-to-use activity graph and reports to view your facility's:




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Here are some common questions and answers about our self storage marketing services.
Don't hesitate to call us anytime at 305-945-7561.

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Our Premium membership gives you access to many more features that are not available in our Basic membership such as top results positioning, online reservations 24/7, email notifications, activity tracking, and much more!

A company website can get very expensive to market and maintain. By being part of our self storage network we guarantee your self storage facility increased online exposure and give you access to many online marketing tools tailored specifically for the self storage industry. Another reason is that increasingly consumers are using online lead generators that give them the ability to search and compare products and services as well as access user ratings and reviews.

You can add all your facilities once you are logged-in to your account page.Under “My Facilities” tab, click the “Add a Facility” button and follow the prompts.We can also synchronize your PMS (property management software) and add all your facilities automatically.You can contact us and can do it for you. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to list all your facilities.

Yes we do! Right now we are fully supporting SiteLink Web Edition, Centershift Store 3.1 and 4.0 and Self Storage Manager. Please inquire about your software as we are constantly adding new ones to our supported list.

Thousands of new visitors each month find us on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They find us under the organic section for generic and specific terms. Visitors also find us through our social media interaction with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

As soon as you become a member of USSelfStorage.com, your facilities will automatically be listed on all of our network sites. This will increase your exposure even more and give you the ability to market your facility o tens of thousands of visitors each and every month.

Absolutely, we have the technology and personnel to answer all the calls that our network of lead generating sites bring, this highly specialized team has a high conversion rate. Every facility that signs up on our system will automatically be assigned a tracking number to our call center.

We will request a unique trackable phone number assigned to us. This is required in order to track all phone reservations and rentals.

You can discontinue your membership by contacting us at any time, there is no obligation and no contract involved. Your facility listing will be downgraded to a basic listing and access to all our premium marketing tools will be discontinued. You'll be able to still keep your basic facility listing at no charge for as long as you want.

About us

We are the fastest Growing Online Self Storage Search Engine.

There is no better and more effective way to capitalize in today's marketplace than to have more visibility online. The Internet industry is reaching astronomical proportions and we bridge the gap between self storage facilities who want increased occupancy and customers who search for self storage units online.

We offer storage facilities increased online exposure, leads, reservations, optimum SEO strategies, and valuable online marketing tools. Our goal is to promote the self storage industry while making it convenient for the consumer to locate and reserve self storage units online.

We have developed a highly sophisticated online self storage search engine that benefits both consumers and self storage businesses by combining the latest in web technologies and Internet marketing trends to provide a customized self storage search and advertising experience.

We are self storage and Internet marketing experts.

What a better combination than a team of highly motivated self storage owners, web developers, and internet marketing experts that are eager to work with you. We have combined our knowledge and done extensive research in those areas to create the perfect Internet marketing solution for your self storage facility.

Finding the most cost-effective marketing solution is very important for your business. That's why, besides creating a good product, we have decided to offer it at the lowest price in the market. There is really no reason why you should not join our network of members. It is easy, affordable, and will pay off for itself with as little as just one rental a month that you will get from us.

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