How to use social media analytics for your self storage business

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How to use social media analytics for your self storage business

It is sometimes difficult to measure success in the social media arena. Many social media marketers struggle to determine how to ensure that the payoff matches the effort. Social media analytics can help marketers in the self storage industry and beyond to determine which efforts are worth continuing and which ones are in need of revision. Here are a few tips that will help you to master social media analytics:

Clearly define your goals – This is the first and perhaps most important step in using social media analytics. Once you determine what your self storage business is trying to gain from social media, then you can make a clear plan of action when it comes to analyzing your follower counts and engagement numbers.

Develop an analytics schedule – After you assess your self storage marketing efforts, determine how often you will need to perform analytics. Some businesses do analytics on a monthly basis while other larger ones need to perform it more often. Once you figure out a schedule that works for you, then you can use the information to tailor marketing efforts to your audience.

Determine what to track – At this point in time, you should figure out what exactly you will use to determine whether or not your efforts are successful. For example, will you be looking at follower count or engagement? It is recommended that you look at a mix of the two in order to get the best overall picture.

Get a good analytics tool – The data in your analytics repots will only be as good as the tool used to track it. There is a wide range of tools from which to choose. These include services like SumAll, Simply Measured, Sproutsocial and Hootsuite. They all offer different price tiers and features. Sproutsocial and Hootsuite provide customers with a social media management system in addition to the analytics.

Use information to maximize engagement – The main point of conducting social media analytics is to use it to further the online marketing strategy for your self storage business. After you’ve conducted your review of your social media efforts, use this information to determine things like the best time of day to post and the kind of posts to make. For example, if you find that the best days for engagement are on Fridays and Saturdays, use this knowledge to ensure that your posts get the maximum amount of reach on these days.

There are several social media analytics tools available to help you reach your online marketing goals for your self storage business. If you are willing to make the investment, the paid options offer a little more capability that the free versions of a service like Hootsuite. Consider all options and what you are trying to achieve before committing to any one tool.

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