Do People Love Self Storage?

Do People Love Self Storage?

What the heck is going on? Why do Americans need so much space when we apparently lived fine without it 30 years ago?

Well, we are acquiring more stuff "we need" every day and our living spaces are getting smaller, more people live in apartments or condominiums now then they were 30 years ago. And when an emergency arises, "grandma dies and leaves more stuff", "a job is lost and gotta move, well admit it, with your parents again", what's the best solution? A self storage unit of course, they are nearby, readily available and inexpensive, this last one is debatable, it all depends where you live.

Also, the number of businesses that use self storage units has been growing, storing records, equipment, inventory and the like, are a few of many uses for business.

Enjoy this infographic, it will give you more insight in an industry that is all but boring.

Do people love self storage? Infographic

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