How to Use Nuvi for Social Media Analytics

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How to Use Nuvi for Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is the backbone of a solid social media strategy. The low-cost nature of social media tends to lead people to believe that there is no need to figure out whether or not efforts are working. However, while most social media tools are indeed free, there is still manpower needed to develop social media strategies and it takes time to post across networks. Nuvi was recently launched and is taking on the often murky world of social media analytics and helping businesses in different industries assign tangible value to social media efforts. Your self storage business can employ the use of Nuvi to order to gauge and monitor the sentiment about your brand.

Nuvi provides real-time analytics in the form of visual intelligence. What this means is that it takes conversations all across social media and maps in out in a form of visual representation. This platform can allow your self storage business to see what people are saying instantly and then determine which are the most important conversations to join. The application is browser-based and can also be embedded into other portals such as your website or mobile device.

The way Nuvi works is quite simple. The dashboard provides little blue, green and red circles that represent conversations about a keyword that you can change at anytime. So far, most companies choose to track and monitor conversations about the name of the brand. The green circles represent positive mentions and red signifies negative conversations. The app learns based on your feedback so blue circles are conversations that it has not categorized and will turn them into green or red once you determine where you would like it to go. You can respond to these conversations to engage your self storage audience.

The great thing about Nuvi is that you can use it for crisis management. For example, the circles get bigger the more people talk about a particular topic that relates to the keyword you have chosen to track. Therefore, if you come across rather large red circles, you can immediately join the conversation to do damage control and provide feedback to your valuable self storage customers.

Nuvi is currently available for Twitter, public Facebook posts, Youtube, Google+, Delicious, Reddit and over 5 million RSS feeds. The company is also planning on bringing access to WordPress and Tumblr blogs, Flickr and other social networking sites in the near future.

The Nuvi has four dashboard that help you to track and keywords and even see how your self storage business is doing when compared to the competition. The Overview dashboard tracks volume, spread, trending keywords, hashtags and popular influencers in a single area. The Compare area allows you to see how multiple topics are doing over a specified time period. The Word Burst and Map Visualization dashboards show keywords and demographics respectively.

Pricing for Nuvi is based on the number of mentions per month and start at $500 for 50,000 monthly mentions. The most expensive plan will run you $2,500 for more than 5 million mentions. If your self storage business is small to mid-sized, then one of the smaller packages would best suit your needs. Nuvi will allow you to determine which data package suits your need by setting up a trial period to assess the topics and keywords you would like to track.

If you haven’t already committed to a social media analytics platform or are looking to change your current one, then can certainly give Nuvi a try. You can find more recommendations for social media marketing tools at

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