Essential Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Self Storage Business

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Essential Social Media Analytics Tools for Your Self Storage Business

A solid social media marketing plan needs sounds strategies and also a method of evaluation. Evolving social media initiatives can be time consuming. Self storage business owners do not always have a lot of extra time, between handling the overall operations of the facility and supervising employees. However, there are quite a few social media analytics tools that can help you evaluate your marketing efforts. Aside from the main social media managements tools like Hootsuite, TweetDeck, or SproutSocial, which provide built-in analytics, there are several other options as well. Here are a few must-have tools to help with evaluating social media campaigns:

  • Google Analytics - If you have a self storage website, it is highly likely that you are already using this tool. If not, then you should implement it as soon as possible. It is completely free of cost and can track the number of visits to your website and the sources of these visits. There is even a social analytics module specifically designed for presenting data gathered from social networking profiles. Tools like Hootsuite can also be integrated into Google Analytics to provide even more comprehensive reports.

  • or - There is very little difference between these two services and the value they both provide is noteworthy. The biggest advantage of being able to track links is that you are able to easily see whenever someone clicks a link on a tweet, Facebook status or whichever social network you choose to place content. There are great analytics included and, as an added plus, you are able to shorten links which saves space when using tools that have limitation on the number of characters you can use.

  • Sumall - Currently in beta, this relatively new tool introduces numerous analytics features that are absent from existing products on the market. It can provide your self storage business with ample data on almost every single social networking site that is currently available. It can also use your self storage facility’s historical data and trends and tailor the insights to your business.

  • Feedly - When using social media, it is important that self storage business owners understand that the dialogue on these networks should be a conversation and not a dictation. If you are only promoting your business, then you are missing the point. Reciprocity is important as well. Share other relevant content that is of value to your audience. This tools take the data on various websites you are interested in and lists them in an easy way for your to read. This way, you can keep up with topics worth noting on track what competitors are doing in social media.

  • ManageFlitter - Once your self storage business’ profile starts amassing followers, it can be difficult to track the people who follow you and vice versa. You can use this tool to figure out who is not following back and which important users you are not following. You can also unfollow people in bulk. The value of this tool is that it helps you to clean up your Twitter profile and assess which campaigns worked well and which didn’t based on the number of reciprocal followers you have.

If you eventually decide to adopt one or a combination of these analytics tools, there are several questions to ask before undertaking this. These include why your self storage business needs an evaluation platform and what is the value. While some tools are free, there is still a commitment of time so picking the right one is essential.

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