Transforming Self Storage Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

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How to Transform Self Storage Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Customer loyalty goes long way in building a brand. If you have loyal self storage customers, then there is an opportunity to leverage this into new business. According to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from peer referrals. Turning customers into brand ambassadors involves inspiring them to make a personal connection with the brand.

According to, in 2012, Taco Bell responded to a customer’s request for a personalized Speedo on Facebook. The response to the post was overwhelming, many persons applauded Taco Bell and pledged even further allegiance to the brand. The way in which the company handled this request is an example of how self storage entrepreneurs can create strong ambassadorship by listening to customers and providing value.

In order to help loyal customers spread the word, many businesses offer something in return, like a discount for a referral. Self storage facilities don’t need a large budget in order to build this type of brand loyalty. You can seek out long time customers who have been constantly supportive of your business and make a special offer to them. For example, you can offer a free month’s rent for referring a specified number of persons.

Social networking offers the ability to cultivate brand ambassadors by engaging them in conversations that demonstrate an interest in what they have to say. The key to doing so is thanking them for their support and rewarding them in some small way. You will find that in order to build strong brand ambassadorship, you need to be willing to listen and respond to self storage customers. Brand ambassadors are gained through dedicated and exceptional customer service.

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