How to Protect Your Self Storage Business From Cybercrime

How to Protect Your Self Storage Business From Cybercrime

Cybercrime is no longer just a worry of large financial institutions, it is also affecting small to mid size businesses and the self storage industry is no exception. Cyber criminals are getting more advanced and sophisticated with their methods and it would help you to protect your self storage business if you are informed and prepared. Knowing the ways your self storage businesses can fall victim to cybercrime can help you to be less vulnerable. Here are some tips to help you protect your storage facility and your customers from cybercriminals:

  • Protect customer data – One of the most appealing things for cybercriminals is access to personal identifiable information. With names, addresses, credit card and driver license information, these criminals can steal identities. Storing customer data electronically is convenient but you should take the necessary steps to protect this information, encrypt all your customers files and store them in a secure location.

    • Pay keen attention to emails – Phishing scams are perhaps one of the most common ways cybercriminals steal your personal information. Always check the email address before clicking on any links. Emails from financial institutions are the ones that are cloned and distributed the most. Ensure that your full name is in the email because most scammers will just use “Dear Bank Member/Cardholder”. Clicking on these malicious links will allow bank username and password to be shared with criminals and this can lead to even more trouble for your business.

      • Exercise caution while using social media – Keep your business and personal pages separate and try not to over share on either. You’ll notice that most social networking sites ask for a date of birth and some even give the option to fill in an address. Internet criminals sometimes use social networking profiles to get personal information so be careful of everything that you share.

        • Report suspicious activity – The authorities are equipped to deal with cybercriminals so if you fall victim to one of these scams, report it to the police immediately. Also, any phishing messages that pass through your spam filter should also be reported to the email provider.

        • Since banks and other large financial institutions have been steadily increasing security and protection, cyber thieves have been looking for new targets. Small businesses like many of those in the self storage industry have less persons in charge of computer security and might not be as vigilant about protecting data. Self storage business owners need to remain aware and proactive in order to help to lessen the threat of cybercrime.