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Self Storage and Moving Tips Weekly Recap

We’ve been posting self storage and moving tips daily on Twitter to assist persons who may be in the process of looking for self storage or moving. These tips are also helpful in general because just about every one might…

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Self Storage Size Does Matter! Know Your Junk and Where You're Putting It.

Self Storage Unit

Ah, it’s officially summer and this time of year for many represents fun, travel, outdoor grilling, relaxation, cruising aimlessly in drop-tops and two-wheelers, camping, hitting the beaches, and being miserably hot and muggy. is…

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Self Storage Tips For The Summer

Florida Summer Beach

It’s that time of year again where you’ll break out your bikinis and shorts and put away all your winter gear and say a big hello to the sun. For the next three months, you…

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Digging For Treasure Through Trash: Making The Most of Storage Auctions.

Storage Wars | Source

If you have had your ear to the ground lately, chances are you’ve heard of storage auctions. They are a great way of finding valuable treasures for a fraction of the price. Storage Wars,…

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There’s More to Self Storage Than You Think

When many people think of self-storage, a small 4x4 unit used to store personal belongings in between moves often comes to mind. However, self storage units can be used for much more than that. Self-storage units offer reasonably…

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Imagine how easy life would be if all your daily tasks could be completed with a few clicks of your mouse. Need to meet that important deadline for work? Drop the kids off to school? Make dinner? Click. Click. Click.…

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Self Storage Internet search engines; they’re all the same right? Wrong!

All search engines are not created equal. Of course you must type in the word or phrase you’re looking for—then what? There’s good reason that Google’s search engine dominate with 90+ % web usage; compared to their closest competitors Yahoo…

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