6 Simple Tips If You Rent Storage Space

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One of the biggest benefits when you rent storage space is that they allow you to clear the items from your home, but still keep them close by

One of the biggest benefits when you rent storage space is that they allow you to clear the items from your home, but still keep them close by.

However, when you rent storage space it will do you no good if you just throw a bunch of stuff in there haphazardly.

Not only will this approach most likely result in damage to your belongings, but it will also take you forever to find anything when you need it. It's important to keep your storage space just as organized as your home (which is hopefully somewhat organized), so that your visits there are as efficient and avalanche-free as possible. Here are some tips for optimizing your space, so you can reap the benefits of self storage units.

Making the Most Out of Your Money When You Rent Storage Space

  • Pack Efficiently - Before you even start packing, make sure you've sorted through everything and gotten rid of the clutter. There's no use moving boxes of stuff you don't even really want or need to keep. Use the same size boxes for easy stacking, but don't make them too heavy.
  • Use the Right Packing Materials - You should have sturdy cardboard boxes for packing, newspaper or bubble wrap to cushion boxes, and mattress, chair, and sofa covers to protect furniture during the moving process.
  • Finesse Your Furniture - Anything that can be disassembled into smaller parts, should be. It will make for easier packing.
  • Build an Aisle - Make sure you don't pack everything into every inch of your storage space. If you don't leave yourself an aisle, you'll have to unload everything in order to get at anything you've stored in the back of the unit. Make sure any labels on boxes face the aisle for easy identification.
  • Use Vertical Space - Stack boxes right up to the ceiling to take full advantage of the vertical space. Just make sure you stack evenly and place heavier items on the bottom, to avoid an avalanche.
  • Protect Against Damage - Bubble wrap, bubble wrap, bubble wrap. If you wrap your breakables in bubble wrap, they'll be safe for as long as they are stored. Make sure to cover mattresses with linens or mattress covers. You'll also want to spray wood furniture with furniture polish to keep it in good shape.

The benefits of self storage units far outweigh the costs, and they can be a huge benefit to your life, helping you remain organized, and not so overwhelmed by clutter.

Storage units have almost doubled in popularity over the last 20 years, and it's not hard to see why. There are 7.3 square feet of storage feet for every person in the United States, so you might as well make the most of it when you rent storage space!