Did You Know You Could Store These Things In a Self-Storage Unit?

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Did You Know You Could Store These Things In a Self-Storage Unit?

Self storage units can be the perfect solution for freeing up space in your home. Almost everyone has a little bit of pack rat in them, so before long, you may find that your junk drawers are full, your spare bedroom has no room for guests, and your garage has no room for your car.

Self storage unit rentals are becoming more and more popular everyday. Today, one in ten U.S. households rent a storage unit, which is up from one in 17 households in 1995. In fact, there is 7.3 feet of self storage space for every person in the United States. So why not take your share of space for some of your extra items?

You may not think you have anything to put in storage, but take a look at this, and see if you could get away keeping some of these items out of the way in a storage unit.

Did You Know You Can Keep These Items in a Self Storage Unit?

  • Household Appliances - You can actually keep everything and the kitchen sink in your storage units. Old appliances seem like a waste to get rid of if they still work, but they're not exactly convenient to store at home, as they take up so much space. However, a store unit can house your appliances and keep them safe.
  • Toys - We've all been there before. Your kids have way more toys then they need, so you weed a few older ones out, but as soon as you do so, they're asking for one particular discarded toy that they hadn't played with for months beforehand. Instead of tossing the toys, why not move them to a storage locker for a while, so in case your child asks for a particular toy later, you can retrieve it and avoid a tantrum.
  • Important Files - If you have important files and papers that you have to hang onto for legal reasons, but you don't have room for them in your office, you can keep them in climate controlled self storage to prevent any mold or mildew.
  • Vehicles - Did you know there are storage units large enough to store automobiles? Many people choose to store unused vehicles in a unit to protect them from the elements, as well as from theft and vandalism. Vehicle storage is particularly popular in the winter, when people are looking to protect their vehicles from unfavorable weather conditions, or even just rust or water damage that results from long-term outdoor storage.
  • Electronics - Your stereo, video game systems, and computers can all be stored safely in a storage unit. Since many of these items are sensitive to extreme temperatures, this is another case where it would be wise to invest in a climate controlled unit.

You may think that self storage isn't for you, but you're likely not looking at the big picture. Everyone has little extras that they don't really need on hand every day, but they're reluctant to get rid of. A storage locker can allow you to hold on to these important items, without losing space in your home.