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Climate Controlled Storage Units in Greenville, SC

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CubeSmart - Greenville - 426 Wade Hampton Blvd

426 Wade Hampton Blvd, 
GreenvilleSC 29609

1 miles away
Starting at $52.20

Life Storage - Greenville - 401 Dunbar St

401 Dunbar St, 
GreenvilleSC 29601

1 miles away
Starting at $46.00

Extra Space Storage - Greenville - 1201 Laurens Rd

1201 Laurens Rd, 
GreenvilleSC 29607

1 miles away
Starting at $64.00

Public Storage - Greenville - 305 McAlister Rd

305 McAlister Rd, 
GreenvilleSC 29607

1 miles away
Starting at $26.00

Public Storage - Greenville - 28 Woods Lake Road

28 Woods Lake Road, 
GreenvilleSC 29607

1 miles away
Starting at $91.00

Public Storage - Greenville - 2112 N Pleasantburg Drive

2112 N Pleasantburg Drive, 
GreenvilleSC 29609

1 miles away
Starting at $82.00

Public Storage - Greenville - 36 Pine Knoll Drive

36 Pine Knoll Drive, 
GreenvilleSC 29609

1 miles away
Starting at $72.00

Life Storage - Greenville - 2422 Laurens Rd

2422 Laurens Rd, 
GreenvilleSC 29607

1 miles away
Starting at $33.00

Life Storage - Greenville - 1320 S Pleasantburg Dr

1320 S Pleasantburg Dr, 
GreenvilleSC 29605

1 miles away
Starting at $33.00

Extra Space Storage - Greenville - 549 Woodruff Rd

549 Woodruff Rd, 
GreenvilleSC 29607

1 miles away
Starting at $23.00
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Climate Controlled Storage Units Greenville, SC.

Greenville, SC is a great place to rent climate controlled storage units.

The city of Greenville, SC, is gaining national recognition as it grows into an economic center of South Carolina's largest metropolitan area. CNN Money has called Greenville one of the Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the United States, while Bloomberg named it the 3rd Strongest Job Market. With excellent economic prospects, an ideal southern location and plenty of educational opportunities for its residents, Greenville is a place that is continuing to draw those looking for opportunities.

Greenville is the largest of the cities in its metro area, and it is located close to Rock Hill, Spartanburg and Columbia.

Greenville is known for several important colleges and universities, and the student population can get quite large during the school year. Students attending Furman University, Bob Jones University, North Greenville University and the Greenville campus of Clemson often find that they are in need of self storage facilities when they return home in the summer months.

The city is also one of the more beautiful cities in the area. The downtown area, which is filled with eclectic shops and fun dining venues, is a gathering place for people of all ages. Falls Park on the Reddy, with its tumbling waterfalls and the attractive Liberty Bridge, is another popular and beautiful location within Greenville. The redevelopment and renovation of the park in the mid 1980s was what made Greenville come alive, and it's still a favorite icon of the people who call the city home.

Greenville has a strong and growing economy. In the past, textile manufacturing was the primary driver, making Greenville the Textile Capital of the World, but the city has evolved in recent years. Now it is the North American headquarters for a number of companies, including CertusBank, Scansource and Michelin. It has a number of companies who are leading research and development in the automotive sector as well. Business in Greenville who need public storage facilities will find a number of conveniently located options, including climate controlled self storage facilities that are ideal for delicate records.

Find Low-Cost Self Storage in Greenville, SC with

If you find yourself in need of self storage facilities in Greenville, SC, makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. You can use our online search tool to search for self storage by zip code, then narrow down your search results based on the type of storage facility you need and other factors, such as price and special offers. Once you find the right one, book it online, and you will get an email with exact instructions about how and when to claim your unit. Whether you need vehicle storage, temporary storage during a move or long-term storage while you are away from town for a while, finding cheap self storage in Greenville is simple with the help of Get started today!

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units in Greenville, SC

Do you have clutter around the house that you can’t get under control? Are there large items that you want to protect but just take up too much space? Do you want to simplify your day-to-day life?

A climate controlled storage unit in Greenville can give you the freedom you need to manage your assets without forcing you to give up the things you value or putting you through the exorbitant expenses of moving or upgrading your home.

Self Storage in Greenville

When you need extra space in Greenville, self storage is an affordable way to protect things you value and keep them in great shape for an indefinite period of time. You can find storage units in a variety of sizes, catering to all of your needs.

Climate Control Units in Greenville

Traditional self storage units in Greenville or anywhere else open directly to the outdoors. They are often thinly insulated. Temperatures inside the units fluctuate as wildly as outdoor temperatures. Such units can easily get below freezing in the winter and over a hundred degrees in the summer.

Some items are fine in those conditions, but many aren’t. If you want to avoid temperature extremes, then climate control is the way to go.

These units are attached to a large building with industrial HVAC support. They maintain a regulated temperature inside, preventing temperature extremes and protecting your valuables. Climate control also lowers humidity variance which is important for many materials and items you store in Greenville. If you need to store anything that can be damaged from high humidity, climate control is the way to go.

Improved Security

In order to maintain climate conditions in the units, most are only accessible from interior hallways. This adds an extra layer of security. Anyone trying to access your unit also has to get through a security check to enter the building in the first place. Your unit has personal protection measures beyond that, doubling security efficacy.

Getting the Best From Your Greenville Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

There are plenty of facilities available to ren a storage unit, but if you want the best, then you need to look for the features that matter most to you. Price, size, climate control, security, and access are all essential for high-quality storage.

If you want a unit that provides benefits without creating problems, then that’s what you’ll find. We pride ourselves on three principles of storage quality above all else: affordability, variety, and accessibility.


It’s never good to overpay for storage. You can find the unit you need at a competitive price. To get such advantages from climate controlled units with advanced security only adds to the value. If you want the very best for your stored items, affordability is an important part of the equation.

Sizes That Fit Your Needs

Units are priced by size. With a wide variety of units available, you can get the storage space you need without paying for any extras. Each unit still benefits from climate regulations and security throughout the building, but you’re getting a unit sized for the items you need to store. See our unit size guide to learn what can fit on a different unit size

Convenient Access

Even with excellent security, you can access your storage unit on your own terms. Building and unit access are available and flexible so you can put things into storage or take them out according to your own schedule. A storage unit that you can’t access is worthless in a time of need. Take advantage of reliable units with convenient access that still come at great rates with many benefits.