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You can use document storage facilities to store your important documents and protect them against losses, like theft, floods, and fires. While a lot of people choose to keep their documents in their homes, that is not always the safest place. A safe deposit box at a bank can work for some documents, but if you have more than just a few small things, you aren't going to have room. A better choice is a document storage unit, where you can have the space you need to store all the documents you might need at a later date.

You can have peace of mind, too, knowing that your documents are all protected from harm. When you need your documents, you simply go to the storage facility and access your unit. You can organize it however you want, so you can find everything quickly and easily. Boxes, totes, trunks, bags, and other options all work for storage, depending on the kinds of documents you have and how sensitive they are to things like temperature and humidity.

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Some documents require more care than others when they are stored, but there are plenty of options for document storage units near you that will work for your needs. When you locate a document storage facility, be sure to ask questions about the unit so you know you are getting what you really want. Then you will be happy with your document storage for a long time, and you know your documents are secure in their new location. That security is a big part of the popularity of document storage, and an important reason to put your documents into the right facility.

Document storage is an essential part of the operation of any successful business. While the shift to digital storage has reduced the amount of paper storage, it has not completely eliminated the need for storing hard copies of important documents. A self-storage facility that provides document storage is the ideal alternative to keeping important documents around the office, especially if you are running out of office space.

From small businesses to large corporations, the need for document storage is paramount. As the volume of paper record grows, your business can quickly outgrow its office space unless you can find a viable storage solution for your paper documents. Private self-storage facilities offer many advantages to storing your documents, receipts, and invoices. Even a climate controlled storage unit is cheaper than renting additional office space and many of these units offer convenient business services right in the building, such as fax machines, printers, and document shredders.

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2 Tips to Help Protect your Documents once in Storage

Once you’ve made the decision to seek document storage, here are a few tips to help keep the items you store in pristine condition:

Use climate controlled storage – This is the best way to ensure that documents do not suffer from mold or mildew. A climate controlled storage unit will keep one constant temperature, regardless of external conditions. Paper is extremely vulnerable to extreme temperatures and to changes in humidity. If not stored properly, your important documents could yellow, disintegrate, or be covered in mold and mildew.

Properly catalog files before storing – Organization is key when storing documents. If you want to be able to locate your documents easily after removing them from storage, then arranging them beforehand is essential. Place all valuable boxes and important documents at the front of the storage unit for easy access. Be sure that all boxes are labeled properly and organized for easy retrieval.

Organize boxes by year and type – Organize your boxes by year and by type, that way you can find the documents you need without having to dig through all the boxes in your unit.

Ensure all documents are free from moisture – Moisture and paper no do mix. Before putting your important files in a confined place, check to ensure that it is completely free from moisture to prevent the possibility of mold or mildew. You can go a step further and even store them in waterproof containers.

Keep documents on a pallet to elevate them – In the event of a flood, the elevation will prevent damage to your stored documents.

Choose a location close to your office – Your storage unit should be located close to your business for easy access. This will save you time when loading and unloading documents and when looking for records or receipts.

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3 What Documents Need to be Stored?

Any important document that is vital to your business or to your family should be stored properly. This includes medical records, legal documents, and insurance contracts, as well as tax records and plans. In the event of a disaster, such as an office fire or flood, you can rest assured knowing that your company's most valuable documents are protected from harm.

In general, it is wise to keep the following records:

• Employee W2 forms, retirement plans, and wills should be kept permanently.

• Worker's compensation benefits and payroll records should be kept for 10 years.

• Medical records, performance records, personnel files, and payroll checks should be kept for at least 7 years. 

• Life insurance benefits and safety reports should be kept for 5 years.

• Family and medical leave and contractor records should be kept for 3 years.

You can also store more than paper with document storage. Some document storage companies also offer media storage to store media files. Document and media storage will ensure that all your business files are kept safe and secure in the event that you need to access them in the future.

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4 Individuals and Families Need Document Storage too

Ever have the feeling that you are drowning in papers? It can be difficult to store all the bills, paycheck stubs, and tax records your family needs in your apartment or home. As a result, many individuals and families mistakenly throw away important documents, or they misplace them and can't find what they need, when they need it. With document storage, you can store valuable receipts, tax records, and employment records without taking up space in your spare room, basement, or attic. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a big house, you can keep your important papers and documents all in one convenient place with a document storage unit.

Families can also benefit from document storage for storing old photo albums, media files, and other important documents. A lot of families, big or small, have photos that were taken years ago and that are not on digital media. Those photos should be preserved for future generations, and that can be done with the right storage options. Family bibles, along with any and all types of documents that might be needed by a family or that will be passed down through that family at a later date, need to be stored safely. With a document storage unit, you will be able to put everything in one place and know that you don't have to worry about any of it getting stolen or lost.

Document storage is an ideal solution for students, too. They can store their textbooks, school notes, and reports for easy access. If they throw something away, they might wish they had it later. Dorm rooms and student apartments aren't very big, though, and even students who live at home with their parents may not have unlimited space. A great solution to the problem of space is a document storage unit, where a student can put everything they want to keep and might need later in a safe secure place that is out of their way but still easy to access. That can reduce a lot of stress, and help ensure that something important isn't thrown away by accident.

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5 Questions to Consider when Choosing a Document Storage Unit

When you are choosing a document storage unit, there are a few questions you should ask yourself—and the unit manager.

• Is the facility open 24/7 for you to access your documents?

• Is the facility temperature controlled?

• Do they use a de-humidifier?

• How often do they spray for bugs, pests, and rodents?

• How safe and secure is the facility? Is it well lit and does it have security features, such as security guards or cameras?

• What business amenities do they offer onsite, such as document shredding or UPS delivery? • Is the facility protected from natural disasters?

• What is the price to store documents?

Search for and reserve a document storage unit from us today and see why we’re the number one name in self-storage.

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Document Storage Units in Popular U.S. Cities

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