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CubeSmart - Broomfield - 2050 W 6th Ave

2050 W 6th Ave, 
BroomfieldCO 80020

1 miles away
Starting at $43.20

Public Storage - Broomfield - 6800 W 118th Ave

6800 W 118th Ave, 
BroomfieldCO 80020

1 miles away
Starting at $25.00

Public Storage - Broomfield - 3401 Industrial Lane

3401 Industrial Lane, 
BroomfieldCO 80020

1 miles away
Starting at $62.00

Extra Space Storage - Broomfield - 4103 Industrial Ln

4103 Industrial Ln, 
BroomfieldCO 80020

1 miles away
Starting at $52.00

Extra Space Storage - Westminster - 5602 W 120th Ave

5602 W 120th Ave, 
WestminsterCO 80020

1 miles away
Starting at $64.00

Extra Space Storage - Broomfield - 4861 W 120th Ave

4861 W 120th Ave, 
BroomfieldCO 80020

1 miles away
Starting at $106.00

Life Storage - Broomfield - 12725 Lowell Blvd

12725 Lowell Blvd, 
BroomfieldCO 80020

1 miles away
Starting at $53.00

Public Storage - Westminster - 9150 Pierce St

9150 Pierce St, 
WestminsterCO 80021

1 miles away
Starting at $58.00

Public Storage - Westminster - 8889 Marshall Ct

8889 Marshall Ct, 
WestminsterCO 80031

1 miles away
Starting at $20.00

Extra Space Storage - Denver - 2950 W 96th Ave

2950 W 96th Ave, 
DenverCO 80260

1 miles away
Starting at $93.00
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Storage Units Broomfield, CO.

Broomfield, CO is a great place to rent self storage units.

Broomfield, Colorado is only a few minutes away from major Colorado cities like Denver and Boulder, and residents enjoy a unique combination of adventure sports and technology jobs. Families have the opportunity to spend their weekends cycling, hiking, or visiting the local aquatic park while spending the week at a technology job at Oracle or Level 3 Communications.

Around 65,000 people live in Broomfield, which is part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. Broomfield's history in modern Colorado started rather recently when it was incorporated in 1961. No one is quite sure how the city got its name, and it grew over time with various annexations that often crossed the county line. 

Eventually, the state would create an additional county surrounding Broomfield that would become the smallest county in the state and remain the newest county in the nation for several years. The popularity of the City of Broomfield has allowed Broomfield County to become the most densely populated county in the state behind Denver.

Drive Up Units for Storing Seasonal Gear

Recent studies have shown that Colorado's residents enjoy some of the healthiest lifestyles in the nation. In fact, the Centennial State was dubbed the 8th healthiest state in the nation by an annual list published by United Health Foundation. Colorado residents had the lowest percentage of obese adults in the nation, as well as a significant portion of people involved in outdoor sports.

Many Broomfield residents partake in activities that require extra gear like bicycling, skiing, and climbing. An extra mountain bike, a bunch of ski gear, and implements required for a climbing hobby might take up a lot of space in a home with limited square feet, and a drive up self storage unit in Broomfield can help keep the gear safe and out of the way during the offseason.

That means it's easy to retrieve the family's bicycles in the spring when it's time to start going on bicycling adventures, and it's convenient to store ski equipment in the unit during the summer when the slopes don't offer enough snow.

Wide Spaces and Convenient Access to Broomfield Self-Storage

The large vistas and open spaces of Colorado invite residents to go on road trips across the state, and the healthy network of interstates and highways means it's easy for families and business owners in cities like Longmont, Denver, and Arvada to use self-storage units in Broomfield. Denver sits near the convergence of several highways including Interstate 76, Interstate 25, and Route 36.

Broomfield is conveniently located on Route 36, which feeds right into Denver to the south and Boulder to the northwest. Additionally, the proximity of Broomfield to recreational areas like the Colorado Hills Open Space and Standley Lake means storing adventure gear in one of Broomfield's climate controlled storage units is a handy idea. 

Each season, the family can return to the self storage unit and enjoy recreational activities that require gear like skis and bicycles and then return the gear to the storage unit when the season is over.

Storage Unit Prices in Broomfield

The cost of a storage unit in Broomfield varies based on factors like location, size, and amenities such as climate control and security. While price is important, it's essential to consider other factors when choosing a storage unit.

In Broomfield, storage unit prices typically range from $50 to $200 for units sized between 5' x 10' and 10' x 10'. Larger units for items like RVs may exceed $200, especially in high-cost areas.

Finding Storage Units in Broomfield

Locating storage units in Broomfield depends on your specific area. Many facilities have online listings and offer online rental and payment options for convenience. If units aren't available online, contacting the facility directly can provide information on upcoming vacancies.

Available Storage Units

Popular unit sizes may have waiting lists, so planning ahead is advised. If immediate storage is needed, alternative sizes or facilities may be considered. Proper planning ensures getting the right-sized unit when needed.

Popular unit sizes may have waiting lists, so planning ahead is advised. If immediate storage is needed, alternative sizes or facilities may be considered. Proper planning ensures getting the right-sized unit when needed.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Broomfield

Secure your delicate belongings in our climate-controlled storage units, shielding them from extreme temperatures and humidity. Perfect for household goods, furniture, and more. Confirm with the facility to ensure your storage unit meets your needs.

Drive-Up Storage Units in Broomfield

Enjoy the utmost convenience with our drive-up storage units. Simply drive your vehicle to the unit's door for quick and efficient loading and unloading, especially beneficial for heavy or bulky items. Choose from various sizes tailored to your needs, all safeguarded by fences, gates, and keypad access for enhanced security.

Types of Self-Storage Units Available in Broomfield

Explore our range of storage options tailored to your needs.

  • Climate Controlled Units: Shield your delicate belongings from extreme temperatures.
  • Drive-Up Storage Units: Conveniently transfer items to and from your vehicle with ease.
  • Lockers: Ideal for storing a few small items like sports gear or boxes.
  • Self-Storage Units: Choose from various sizes for furniture, boxes, and more.
  • Business Storage: Store extra inventory or supplies for your business.
  • Student Storage: Simplify storing dorm belongings over the summer break.
  • Vehicle Storage: Safeguard larger items like cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

Self-Storage Unit Amenities in Broomfield

Select a facility with amenities that prioritize security and accessibility.

  • 24-Hour Security: Ensure the safety of your belongings round the clock.
  • Extended Hours: Access your items at your convenience, with extended hours from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Elevator Access: Easily move items between floors to reduce injury risk.
  • Indoor Units: Opt for added security and peace of mind with indoor units.