Unconventional Offices … from a self-storage perspective

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Unconventional Offices … from a self-storage perspective

In today’s economy, it’s difficult to rent a full-fledged office. Overhead is very expensive and you just can’t afford it. Today’s office spaces are very unconventional and range from a Starbucks, to a bookstore. Believe it or not, more people are also taking the route of using self-storage units as offices. Why would someone do that? Well, let’s think about it. Most people who are freelancers or mobile professionals need someplace that is away from the house to think and space to work. Having a real place to go where you know it’s an “office” can increase productivity ten-fold.

This could be very convenient. You only have to pay for the space once a month, if you already have a large unit, you can use half for your office space, you have early morning and after-hours flexibility, you can outfit it with furniture, you’ll have a semi-professional space so you’ll have to look the part, and most of all, on most days it’s relatively quiet. There are stories where people have used their self storage units as office space and have done very well. If you’re thinking about taking this step and using your self-storage unit as an office, here are some things to consider:

  • Is it air-conditioned?
  • What are the rules? Can you use your space as an office? What is the liability involved? Would you have to increase the amount of insurance you currently hold for the space?
  • Is there electricity for you to have a lighted workspace?
  • Will you have internet and Wi-fi capabilities?
  • If you can use the space, can you write it off as a business expense?
  • Can you legally put their address on your business cards or stationery?
  • How would you advertise your services and what are the legal ramifications, if any?
  • Do you work in an industry where this would be feasible for you?

These are valid questions that can make the difference between you setting up shop and forgetting the idea entirely. There are many self storage facilities that embrace the thought of having people rent spaces for alternative uses, because it keeps them in business and provides a service beyond the norm. Do your research and make sure you have all your bases covered before you get started. If you’re just using the facility by yourself without visitors, it may not be as crucial for you to take all these steps, especially if you’re already a tenant. Once you get the green light, you would be surprised how well this may actually work for you.

Great businesses start somewhere, and if this is what you need to take your venture to the next level, by all means do it! When your company is booming and making millions, you can always tell the story of how you started in a self-storage facility to give someone else hope and encourage their dreams. Finding the right self-storage facility that can accommodate your needs is invaluable. Take your time and do your research. The sky is the limit!

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