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Climate Controlled Storage Units in Dallas, TX

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Public Storage - Dallas - 2425 Canton St

2425 Canton St, 
DallasTX 75226

1 miles away
Starting at $65.00

Public Storage - Dallas - 2439 Swiss Ave

2439 Swiss Ave, 
DallasTX 75204

1 miles away
Starting at $74.00

Life Storage - Dallas - 717 S Good Latimer Expy

717 S Good Latimer Expy, 
DallasTX 75226

1 miles away
Starting at $61.00

Public Storage - Dallas - 1611 Chestnut St

1611 Chestnut St, 
DallasTX 75226

1 miles away
Starting at $20.00

Public Storage - Dallas - 903 Slocum St

903 Slocum St, 
DallasTX 75207

1 miles away
Starting at $46.00

Public Storage - Dallas - 2320 N Central Expy

2320 N Central Expy, 
DallasTX 75204

1 miles away
Starting at $36.00

Public Storage - Dallas - 207 Avery Street

207 Avery Street, 
DallasTX 75208

1 miles away
Starting at $29.00

Extra Space Storage - Dallas - 503 S Haskell Ave

503 S Haskell Ave, 
DallasTX 75223

1 miles away
Starting at $44.00

Public Storage - Dallas - 2420 N Haskell Ave

2420 N Haskell Ave, 
DallasTX 75204

1 miles away
Starting at $135.00

Public Storage - Dallas - 4721 Ross Ave

4721 Ross Ave, 
DallasTX 75204

1 miles away
Starting at $110.00
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Climate Controlled Storage Units Dallas, TX.

Dallas, TX is a great place to rent climate controlled storage units.

Dallas is the largest metropolitan area in the American South and the largest economic center in the southern metropolitan area. Dallas' over one million inhabitants are always looking for extra space. There are a many self storage facilities in Dallas which can help its residents accommodate their belongings for both personal and professional use.

Located near Fort Worth, Arlington and Plano, Dallas has the third largest number of Fortune 500 companies in the nation. Therefore, there are many businesses which are in need of extra space to store office supplies which might not be in use at the time. Business owners in Dallas can use self storage facilities with 24-hour access to conveniently access items at any time of the day or night.

The climate in Dallas is usually very hot. Therefore, persons looking for self storage are advised to rent a climate controlled unit in order to protect valuable items. If you're looking for mobile or drive up self storage units in Dallas, those options exist as well. Search via zip code or price, whichever is more convenient to you. offers a wide listing of self storage facilities in Dallas. There are self storage listings in the Collin, Denton, Kaufman and Rockwell counties. Searching for self storage in Dallas has never been quicker or easier. If you are moving, be sure to search for a self storage facility with truck rental, some even offer this service for free.

Climate Controlled Self Storage Units in Dallas, TX

Do you have clutter around the house that you can’t get under control? Are there large items that you want to protect but just take up too much space? Do you want to simplify your day-to-day life?

A climate controlled storage unit in Dallas can give you the freedom you need to manage your assets without forcing you to give up the things you value or putting you through the exorbitant expenses of moving or upgrading your home.

Self Storage in Dallas

When you need extra space in Dallas, self storage is an affordable way to protect things you value and keep them in great shape for an indefinite period of time. You can find storage units in a variety of sizes, catering to all of your needs.

Climate Control Units in Dallas

Traditional self storage units in Dallas or anywhere else open directly to the outdoors. They are often thinly insulated. Temperatures inside the units fluctuate as wildly as outdoor temperatures. Such units can easily get below freezing in the winter and over a hundred degrees in the summer.

Some items are fine in those conditions, but many aren’t. If you want to avoid temperature extremes, then climate control is the way to go.

These units are attached to a large building with industrial HVAC support. They maintain a regulated temperature inside, preventing temperature extremes and protecting your valuables. Climate control also lowers humidity variance which is important for many materials and items you store in Dallas. If you need to store anything that can be damaged from high humidity, climate control is the way to go.

Improved Security

In order to maintain climate conditions in the units, most are only accessible from interior hallways. This adds an extra layer of security. Anyone trying to access your unit also has to get through a security check to enter the building in the first place. Your unit has personal protection measures beyond that, doubling security efficacy.

Getting the Best From Your Dallas Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

There are plenty of facilities available to ren a storage unit, but if you want the best, then you need to look for the features that matter most to you. Price, size, climate control, security, and access are all essential for high-quality storage.

If you want a unit that provides benefits without creating problems, then that’s what you’ll find. We pride ourselves on three principles of storage quality above all else: affordability, variety, and accessibility.


It’s never good to overpay for storage. You can find the unit you need at a competitive price. To get such advantages from climate controlled units with advanced security only adds to the value. If you want the very best for your stored items, affordability is an important part of the equation.

Sizes That Fit Your Needs

Units are priced by size. With a wide variety of units available, you can get the storage space you need without paying for any extras. Each unit still benefits from climate regulations and security throughout the building, but you’re getting a unit sized for the items you need to store. See our unit size guide to learn what can fit on a different unit size

Convenient Access

Even with excellent security, you can access your storage unit on your own terms. Building and unit access are available and flexible so you can put things into storage or take them out according to your own schedule. A storage unit that you can’t access is worthless in a time of need. Take advantage of reliable units with convenient access that still come at great rates with many benefits.