Facebook Introduces Mandatory Business Manager Update for Pages

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Facebook Introduces Mandatory Business Manager Update for Pages

Facebook is yet again attempting to make things a little easier for business Pages by doing a complete overhaul of how everything is run. It has been rolling out its new Business Manager in an attempt to do away with shared accounts. If your self storage Facebook page is using an email address that isn’t connected to a personal Facebook profile, you will be asked to set up a Business Manager account by January 31.

If you are using a shared account, you will be able to manage ad accounts, Pages, apps and employee permissions all through Business Manger. You don’t have to wait until the end of January to convert your shared accounts to Business Manager. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to convert your self storage Facebook page to the new system:

Identify the main contact – The person who sets up your Business Manager accounts should be an administrator of your self storage business’ Facebook page. Additional administrators should also be added for support and they will all have access to all the tools needed to work on the Page and ad accounts.

Build the right structure – One Business Manager should be created for each aspect of your self storage business. If your self storage business is not very large, then one Business Manager account should be sufficient to handle your Page. Ensure that your administrators do not share logins. Every administrator will have the same level of access as there is no “master admin” who will have more control than another.

Create your Business Manager account – Go to business.facebook.com/create and connect your self storage business’ Page to Business Manager. Enter the name of your Business Manger and verify your identity in order to connect your personal Facebook account. Then, click on the Shared Logins tab on the left to start importing all your assets. Be sure to gather all shared logins and credentials and figure out who will take ownership or request access if necessary. If you have more than one Page or ad account for your self storage business, add them and then associate the permissions appropriately.

The main goal of Business Manager if to have everything in one place in order to reduce the time it takes to set up and manage ad accounts for your self storage business. It is intended to give increased control to Page administrators so that everyone can clearly see who has access. Perhaps one of the more useful features of is that you do not need to be Facebook friends with colleagues in order to access Pages and ad accounts.

If you choose to update early, keep in mind that you will no longer be able to manage your Page with the “use Facebook as” option from your personal account. You will have to go through Business Manager to make any updates to your Page. If you are already using Business Manager, we would love to know what you think about it. Sound off in the comments below!

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