Facebook's New (New) Algorithm Updates

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Facebook's New (New) Algorithm Updates

Keeping with up all the algorithm changes for your self storageFacebook Page can be a bit frustrating. It may seem like almost every week, there is a new change that requires Facebook business Pages to adapt and shift strategy. Less than six months ago, we gave you a run down of how the latest algorithm changes would affect the reach of your self storage posts and now there are even more changes.

With the past couple weeks, Facebook announced that it had changed its algorithm yet again in order to allow more timely stories from users’ friends and Pages. According to Facebook, the goal of this new change is to bring relevant content at the right time so that users’ don’t miss important updates. Based on user feedback, Facebook has implemented two new considerations when it comes to delivering stories to the newsfeed of its users – trending topics and when users like or comment.

Following Twitter’s lead, Facebook introduced trending topics in January 2014. This included a personalized list of popular topics along with an explanation of why these topics are trending at the moment. Facebook has now incorporated this trending topic feature into its newsfeed algorithm. This means that when a users friend or Page posts something about a current top, that post has a greater chance of appearing in the newsfeed.

You can leverage this change to help increase the reach of the Facebook posts for your self storage conversation by weighing in on current events every now and again. Additionally, you can frame your posts to both promote your self storage business and also weigh in on popular culture. Remember to check trending topics for opportunities to create posts that could potentially reach a large number of users.

The second part of the update uses when a post received likes, shares or comments to determine its position in the newsfeed. The total number of likes, comments, and shares was previously used to determine how high in the newsfeed the post was shown. However, old posts that did not have a lot of recent engagement were being shown rather prominently. Now, the timeliness of the engagement will be used to determine the post’s relevance. There is not much that your self storage business can do with this part of update. However, you should always aim to produce posts that are interesting and will encourage users to like, comment and share. This will help to keep posts about your self storage business in a user’s newsfeed for longer.

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