Twitter Adds Video Advertisements

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Twitter Adds Video Advertisements

Twitter has come a long way with paid ads since the company first introduced them in 2013. From promoted tweets to promoted accounts and trends, Twitter made it possible for advertising dollars to buy what was once only possible through organic means – access to its 232 million users.

While Facebook has long since monetized its users by selling demographic information to advertisers, Twitter seemed to be struggling with a profitable business model to capitalize on the millions of people who use Twitter to discuss anything from movies and TV shows to current events. Over the past two years, the social media giant has been working on an ad system to increase revenue and has recently introduced video ad campaigns.

While the use of videos to promote self storage businesses are not a new concept, the ability to get a promotional video out to millions of people for a very reasonable cost is more than worth exploring. Twitter’s new video advertising feature allows the user to upload video natively, without having to use a link from YouTube. You can target the video by location or even mobile device. Twitter also gives advertisers the ability to target based on keywords and even interests.

When trying to determine which targeting option to use, keep in mind that they each serve a different purpose. For example, keyword targeting focuses on users who tweeted a particular word in the past seven days. Interest targeting uses the accounts a user follows along with tweets from the past 90 days. You can use this to customize your campaigns. If you’re running a promotion to immediately full trying to locate customers who need immediate self storage, then finding people who were recently talking about self storage would be the most effective strategy. If your aim is to just create awareness of your self storage facility, then targeting people based on interest may be the best option to spread the word.

Twitter’s video ads are competitively priced with advertisers being charged only when the video is played. For Twitter’s promoted tweets and promoted accounts, there is a cost per engagement. There is an option to secure a Twitter account manager if you spend above $5000. This account manager will walk you through the process of setting up your ad account and best practices for securing as many views for your advertising dollar.

Videos are a great way to tell the story of your self storage business so if you’re interested in getting started, we encourage you to speak to an account representative from Twitter today.

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