How effective are your customer service strategies?

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How effective are your customer service strategies?

Self-storage companies have quite a challenge. Not only do they have to keep up with the trends, become technologically adept and inventive in their marketing, they must ensure a complete customer service experience, whether in person or on the web. What does this mean? Frankly, it means you must be in tune with the pulse of your clientele. With so many successful companies around, especially on the internet, sound customer service strategies must be in place and consistently checked and tweaked to make sure your customers are happy. It’s not enough to go through simple motions, companies must start providing enhanced experiences.

What makes a truly enhanced experience?

In the self-storage industry, if your company is primarily online, you should be prepared to go the extra mile. After the customer shows interest, follow up with a live callback. Even though most of our culture is far removed from human interaction, for some, this goes quite a long way. Engaging your customers through online interaction is also a good way to create happy customers. Do you have an interface where a customer can speak to someone via chat? Did you know that mystery shoppers also rate online self-storage companies?

You want your customers to have a long-lasting positive impression of your company based on their overall experience. That’s great customer service. Make sure your site is informative and personalized. Do not have a cookie-cutter site where there’s a ton of generic information. Show some personality. Adding a human touch is crucial. Again, when a customer has a question and cannot get the answer, they tend to look elsewhere. Don’t get caught in that trap. Make sure you keep in contact with your customers. Find ways for them to offer feedback, and offer incentives for repeat customers. When a positive experience takes place, word travels fast!

Know your stuff

When a self-storage company offers advice on topics of interest such as having a blog or newsletter, it makes customers feel valued and brings positive attention to the company. There’s nothing like parents who are expecting their first child reading an article about utilizing self-storage in preparation for their new addition to add much-needed space into their home. Self-storage companies can directly benefit from partnerships and taking part in engagements where visibility will be high, networking will be plentiful, and they can position themselves as experts, online and off. Having the knowledge and know-how to help potential customers navigate through their searches and ordering experience can make the difference between them spending all the money or none at all.

Utilizing these key points will help your company move forward and will raise the level of dedication to effective customer service. Even with technology taking over, being able to speak to someone or get assistance when you need it never goes out of style. You will have happy and valued customers, giving you a great return on your investment. Making sure to keep customer service at the forefront of your organization will be a bottom line winner in the long run.

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