How to Use Twitter Vine in Self Storage Marketing

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How to Use Twitter Vine in Self Storage Marketing

Twitter Vine has seen steady growth since its introduction and self storage businesses should take advantage of this great new app. Vine is a new mobile app, acquired by Twitter in October 2012, that allows you to create and share short videos that have a maximum length of six seconds. Recorded via mobile phones, businesses such as Tropicana and GoPro have been using this service to reach out to followers. Although currently only available on the iOS marketing, Twitter is working to have the app available across other platforms as well. Here are some ways you can use Vine to make the most of this new social media networking app:

  • Set up and get started – You can register by downloading the Vine app on your smartphone or using a computer. Using a computer will direct you to download via the iTunes app. Once downloaded, the app will automatically sync with your self storage business’ Twitter account. Vine works in conjunction with Twitter but also operates independently and does not have to be connected to a Twitter account. To record videos, just tap the camera icon in the upper right-hand corner and then select ‘upload’. You can also add links and text.

  • Behind the scenes clips – Share another side of your self storage business with your followers by showing the office environment. For holiday seasons and special occasions, highlight decorations around the office and have employees record a short greeting.

  • Employee introductions – Introduce the human side of your self storage facility by showcasing your employees. Do not only highlight management and those in charge. Show regular employees such as those who answer the phones, work the cash register and load the trucks. You can also show partnerships with other companies, awards and special recognition with these videos.

  • Current promotions – Vine can be used to make short ads that get straight to the point. Try to show off your latest self storage services through a series of thoroughly thought out shots.

If you’re new to Vine, you can gather some inspiration from other brands that are actively using the service. Once you get the hang of it, share it with your followers and ask them to make video responses to encourage interaction.

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