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New Self Storage Renter? Here are Some Self Storage Tips

New Self Storage Renter? Here are Some Self Storage Tips

If you're new to renting a storage unit, you probably have a lot of questions. You could also have unique reasons for needing a unit, or just simply want to keep a few items out of your home or business for a while. Maybe you're moving, or doing some remodeling. No matter the reason for needing a unit it's important to consider the types of storage units available, so you can get the one that's going to meet your needs and protect your property. Here are some great tips for self storage, so it's easier to make the right choice.

Make Sure You Look for the Best Deals

Finding the best deals on a storage unit can help you spend money wisely. Doing your research may also help you see where you don't want to rent, or which units would be the best choice for your location and price point. Reading reviews matters, but remember that they aren't all going to be perfectly accurate. There are some fake reviews, too, so look for people who provide valuable reviews with details in them.

Choose a Storage Unit That's Insured

If you don't have an insurance policy that will cover your belongings while they're in storage, you can purchase insurance from the storage unit facility. This isn't a scam to get extra money from the rental. It's actually an important way to make sure the items you're storing are properly protected. A rental policy or your homeowner's insurance may cover the items, but find out for sure and don't make assumptions. If you don't have either one of these policies, the facility's insurance is usually not expensive.

Figure Out the Size of the Storage Unit You Need

Storage units come in a big variety of sizes, so you can pick the one that's right for your needs. The storage unit size should be big enough to hold everything you want to put into it and let you get to items, but not so large that you have a lot of extra room in it that's not getting used. That just becomes wasted space, and there's no need to pay for space you don't need. Still, keep in mind that you may need to get things from your storage unit occasionally, and you don't want to have to move nearly everything out to get to something. A bit of room is a good thing.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of the Type of Storage Unit

There are both outside and inside storage units, along with those that are climate controlled. Weighing which one is the right one for your needs matters. For example, climate controlled storage is often better for anything delicate. Musical instruments, classic cars, and sensitive items that can be harmed by heat or cold temperatures often do better in a climate controlled unit. For standard household goods, though, a regular unit may be just fine.

Pack Your Belongings Up Safely

Don't just shove your things in any old boxes. You want to secure your storage unit and the things in it. By using plastic totes that protect your items, you won't be taking chances with them or worrying about what's happening to them while they're in the storage unit. Quality storage containers will go a long way toward keeping your items in good condition, especially if they'll need to be stored for a while.

Keep Things Organized, So You Can Find Them

Storage unit organization is important. You need to be able to find the things in your unit, so you aren't taking everything out just to find something you need at the moment. By stacking things neatly and keeping them grouped together by room or other type of category, you can make things easier on yourself when you need something from your storage unit.

Make Sure to Store Things the Right Way

Keeping things off of the floor, putting them in quality containers, and packing them in ways that will keep them from getting damaged all matters when you rent a storage unit. Your items may need to sit packed up for weeks or months, depending on the reason you put them into storage in the first place. With that in mind, the better they're packed the more likely it is that they'll be in good condition when you take them out of storage later.

Give Proper Notice Before You Move Out of the Storage Unit

When you're done with your storage unit, and you're not going to need it anymore, don't just move out and then stop by to let the facility know. Instead, give proper notice just like you would when moving out of an apartment. That lets the facility know you'll be leaving and that they can rent the unit to someone else after a particular date has passed. You'll also know what date you have to pay through, so there aren't any disagreements about money at the end of your time with the facility.

Understand the Rules, So You Don't Break Them

Reading the rules in your storage unit contract might not seem necessary, but it's actually very important. Many people break storage rules without realizing it. For example, in most cases you can't have anything flammable in the storage unit. You also can't do business out of it, or live in it. Fireworks aren't allowed, and there may also be other rules depending on the facility you rent your unit from.

Be Sure You Know When Your Payment is Due

One of the biggest concerns when you rent a storage unit is making sure you pay your rental fees on time. If you don't pay for your unit the items in it could eventually be sold to recover some of the money. That won't happen overnight, of course, but be sure you're getting your bill and paying it, or your autopay is going through correctly. If you have any concerns about whether you're paid up on your unit, call the facility and make sure.

With some planning and proactive measures on your part, you can find a great storage unit and use it safely and effectively as long as you need it.