How to Manage Your Self Storage Business' Online Reputation

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How to Manage Your Self Storage Business' Online Reputation

The practice of customers leaving online reviews has reshaped the world of not only the self storage industry but just about every other industry as well. Customers can influence other people in terms of whether or not they should do business with your company. Reviews and comments on the Internet have a rather long shelf live and are accessible by a large number of people. If you know your self storage business provides excellent customer service, you wouldn’t want one bad review to stay in the minds of people who have yet to even interact with you business. Here are some tips for handling your reputation online:

Monitor – Conduct regular searches for your business’ name to ensure that both negative and positive feedback are handled in a timely manner. Tune in to what people are saying about your brand. A recent study by the Yellow Pages Association found that local searches for business and products grew 58 percent last year and grew to 15.7 billion searched. Therefore, websites like Yelp and Angie’s List are particularly important when it comes to gauging the overall opinion customers have of your organization.

Manage – After you have thoroughly examined the comments on your business, it is time to develop a response or reaction. If the reviews of your business are largely positive, you can thank the individual customers or offer a reward for leaving a positive review. Negative comment should also receive attention and a response given as soon as possible. Remember that with online reviews, other people are able to see how you handle a particular situation. Failing to handle even one bad review could potentially have an adverse effect on your business in the future.

Reach out and promote – Online review management will help you to do more than just protect the name of your self storage business. It can also be used as a marketing platform and has the capability to provide analytics and targeting customers. Use these online reviews to collect customer data. For instance, there is a dashboard in Yelp that allows business owners to track page views and promotions.

Once you start to combine researching online communities and using their tools, your self storage business can gain major traction from Google, Yahoo, Citysearch and other online search engines and directories. Take care of your online reputation.

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