How Self Storage Centers Will Modernize For The Future

How Self Storage Centers Will Modernise For The Future

Most people have used self storage centers before. These are very convenient locations where you are able to store a lot of your belongings that simply do not fit at your home any longer. With a lot of people downsizing their home, or moving into a smaller city centre location they may not be willing to sell or get rid of your belongings and self storage is becoming a more common solution to this. Although they are very easy to use, there are some changes coming that will modernize the entire system. Let's go over what some of these changes will be and how it will make it easier for everyone to use self storage units.

Digital Booking

Although it is possible to rent a storage space on websites by using your credit card, you still have to go to the location in order to get a key. This will subsequently change as modern technology becomes much more prevalent. For example, they could possibly use facial recognition software, similar to the technology in the latest iphone x that will allow you to show up after having your picture taken and simply walk into the facility. It also makes it more safe for the belongings of others. Since only registered people can come in, they will know who was there if there were any problems. In addition to this, you may not need to see a human being or worker. You can take your picture using your smart phone or tablet computer, and that will be logged into their system without ever having to initially go there to set things up.

Digital Monitoring

Another useful modern advancement that may occur is the installation of cameras in each one of these storage units. Right now, this is an added expense that most storage facilities will not want to invest in. However, it could prove to be very useful for two reasons. First of all, it could be set up with alerts to remind people of the storage unit that they have rented. Some people forget. When you receive a text message, one showing you a snapshot of what is inside of your storage container, this could remind you to pay your bill, or to eventually do something with that merchandise that you initially did not want to throw away.

Self Enlarging Storage Facilities

One final advancement that could be very useful is the concept of self enlarging storage facilities. Right now, these are all made in a way that is similar to how a garage is made.

There are units in certain sections that are a specific size, and you rent that particular unit. However, if the sides and back of the storage unit could be opened up automatically, you could actually expand your storage unit without having to rent another. This would keep all of your belongings in the same general area. Of course, someone could rent out the facility next you, or in back of you, and that would not be a possibility. However, there are some storage facilities that are not completely full, and this could provide an added convenience for those that are storing things at this location.

These are just a few ideas that may occur in the near future. We spoke to Aabsolute Self storage in Glasgow, and they believe the most likely change will be digital recognition software. They may not even need to have an attendant at the storage facility. Everything will be run on autopilot. In fact, if you did need to speak with someone, you can simply see them on the phone. You can contact them, and you can have a conference call with them to discuss any questions that you have. This is how the future is moving, the way of the digital marketplace, and it will soon be an active part of the self storage centers across the country.