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7 Facts About The Self Storage Industry That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

7 Facts About The Self Storage Industry That Will Instantly Put You in a Good Mood

The self storage industry continues to grow across the country. With more people looking for ways to store their usable items instead of trashing them and filling up landfills, these storage facilities are providing a range of advantages to people as well as businesses. Here are 7 facts about this industry that may put you into a good mood the next time you go to place your items into storage.

1. Going Green

Cutting electricity costs may lead up big benefits for people who need to rent self storage units. Many solar-powered facilities are appearing across the country. These solar panels may be installed onto the roofs of the storage units or buildings or located in open fields near the facility. A self-storage facility may use the extra electricity to complement their existing power needs or to completely go green by powering 100% of their operations. They may also generate more power than they need, leading them to sell the electricity back to the grid. By seeking more sustainable power options, the self storage facility may save on money, which could lead to them passing on this savings to their customers.

2. Charities for the Win

Charities provide a range of different services for people in need. From providing housing and clothing to people without a home to helping with job training or even collecting funds for medical research, these charities can be lifelines for people to successfully help get them back on their feet. Many self storage facilities may partner with specific charities to provide donations to help medical research and other community based projects.

Other facilities may host auctions for abandon or gifted items in storage units as the majority of the auction proceeds is then given to a range of charities. Another good deed is that some self storage facilities offer lower storage rates to charities who want to try to save on overhead costs. Using a storage facility instead of renting a large warehouse helps the charity better manage their budgets.

3. Helping Business and Community Growth

When a self storage facility is built in a community, it can help spur economic growth in the region. With the facility built, other businesses will set up shop to offer complementary services. For example, Once the development and construction of a self storage facility is completed, you may find a moving company rental business also coming to the region to provide services to move your possessions to the facility. Then local supply stores may also come to the area that offer packaging and labeling products.

In addition to helping business expansion, the self storage facility may also encourage more people to live in the region. When a facility is available near residential housing, such as apartment buildings, and campus housing, it provides additional conveniences to residents. Having self-storage unit options encourages people to move to the area, as they now have a place to store their extra items that is not a strain on their finances. This benefit can help the community as brings a more diverse workforce who can fill job positions.

4. Climate Controlled Facilities

In the summer, people begin to worry about the items that they have in storage in their homes. The attics and garages can build up heat since the rooms are not typically connected to air conditioning systems. There are items that should always be kept in a cool, dry location including books, important documents, artwork, wine, and clothing. Storing the items in a basement may not be possible as the house may not have one, or it could leak. Self storage facilities offer climate controlled options for small and large units. You can set the temperature that is required place in the valuables. Then you do not have to worry about any of the items becoming damaged from the heat buildup inside your house.

5. Newer Technologies

Many facility owners are investing in the latest technologies to make the self storage units safer and easily accessible to customers. From 24-hour surveillance videos to keyless entry using a smartphone or kiosk, these technologies are keeping pace to tech-savvy consumers who want to have the easiest way to get into their units at all hours of the day. Many facilities also have a range of security features depending on the size of the facility and the layout of the units. From onsite managers who live at the facility to motion detector, fencing and flood lights, these safety measures can deter thieves from breaking into the units.

6. Month-to-Month Contracts

People worry that storage facilities lock them into long 6-month to a year contracts when they are just looking for temporary storage options. To stay competitive, many self-storage locations offer month-to-month contracts. So if you need to store your items while getting your home renovated, or for a move to a new area, you have more flexibility on how long to keep your items inside a unit. After renting for a month or two, you may find that it is more convenient for you to keep renting a storage unit for your items. By contacting the company, they may be able to upgrade your contract to a longer agreement so you can take advantage of additional price savings.

7. Available to Everyone

Self storage units are not limited to just homeowners or college students. They are available to individuals, couples, retirees, and businesses of all sizes. The only limitations are what may be stored at the facility, such as live animals, perishable food, and hazardous materials. Most of the common items placed into storage facilities are furniture and clothing. Yet you can also place sports equipment, garage tools, and jewelry. Some facilities are designed to even offer wine storage or to house large vehicles such as RVs, motorcycles and even boats. Contacting the self storage business and enquiring about the items that are allowed to be stored there can help you make the best choice for your circumstances.