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5 Things About Self Storage Units That You Didn't Know

5 Things About Self Storage Units That You Didn't Know

Most people understand the concepts of a self storage facility. It is where you can store items for short-term or long-term periods. However, there are several fascinating facts that you may not know about regarding these units. We have gathered some interesting facts about these facilities that can make renting one a more enjoyable experience that is hassle free.

1: You've Probably Driven Past One Today

You may have seen a nondescript building on the way to work. It may have had a fence or gate system where vehicles could pull in. Yet you just assumed it held office spaces.

Many storage facilities are closer to where you live than you realize. The reason why these buildings lack advertising on their properties is to increase security measures. When there is very little advertising, potential thieves will not know what is actually in the building. This way they do not try to get inside it especially with the added security staff, locked gates, and fencing. There may actually be a storage facility near you without you knowing it.

Also, self storage is not strictly in metropolitan areas. Some big self storage areas are in more rural areas, including near military bases. These storage facilities can cater to contractors who may go to the area for a certain time to perform work or services. They may store personal items or equipment in the self storage facility for later use.

2: You Can't Store Everything

Although it is very tempting, you cannot store everything under the sun into a self storage facility. The top items that will be refused are hazardous materials, flammable materials, and live animals. Explosives and firearm storage is also prohibited. Basically, anything that can cause an explosion, fire hazard, or chemical hazard will not be permitted.

Yet there are also other items that will also not be stored at a facility. Live animals cannot be stored, even if it is just for a few hours. Live plants also cannot be stored in the units. All organic materials such as food, or pet food, will also be prohibited.

Every storage facility will have different restrictions on what can and cannot be stored at their facilities. For example, while some facilities will not allow food to be stored there, others have specific wine mini storage units available. These storage units have climate control features so that the wine stays at a constant temperature.

3: Self Storage is for Everyone

You may notice at certain times of the year that storage facilities will advertise to a certain segment of customers. You may see more storage unit advertising in the fall for college students to store their extra items that will not fit in the dorms, or during the spring when people are moving or performing home repairs. Yet the reality is that these storage facilities are used by everyone such as college students, individuals, couples, families, and retirees.

Businesses also use self storage options. Many people assume that a business will just use a warehouse for their items. However, a company may only use a warehouse for product storage as they use storage units for their administration documents, files, extra office furniture, and other equipment. Also, a business may also store extra office supplies and even warehouse supplies in a self storage unit.

4: They Will Help Store Your Items

While the facilities market themselves as "self store" where you have to take your items to the storage unit yourself and place then inside, many facilities do offer extra services. The facility staff may come to your home or place of business to pick up the item, package it up in boxes, and place the item into storage. When you need the item, the staff will deliver it for you.

These extra services are usually add-ons to the initial self storage contract. The types of services that will be available will vary based on the facility. Some operations will help homeowners with big house moves as they will pack, store, and move items to your new home. Other facilities will delivery items to businesses on request. They may operate day and night deliveries for businesses. It is always advisable to ask the facility about additional services they provide and how much they charge for those services.

5: Contract Flexibility is Available

When it comes to signing a contract to store your things, a lot of facilities offer you flexible terms and conditions. The reason for this flexibility is to offer more options when your needs change at a moment's notice. You may need to switch storage units to get more space or downsize to a smaller unit. You may also want to extend the contract for long-term storage or add on extra services such as deliveries.

These options are also ideal for businesses that are undergoing growth or building renovations. The self-storage facility may adapt of modify contracts on request to ensure that you have the storage space and extra services required to please your customers. Some businesses may operate the self storage facility almost like a retail store where they keep their packaging and labeling supplies to ship items to customers.

Many Advantages to Self Storage

The range of advantages and amenities go far beyond the five that we just mentioned. There are also drive-up storage units that are set on ground level and allow for vehicles to pull right up to the unit, and those housed in large buildings with numerous floors. Some facilities allow for large vehicle storage such as RVs and boats. Other facilities allow for mobile app access as you can use your phone to enter.

The best way to get the features you need is to evaluate the services offered by each facility and the range of unit sizes that are available. Then you can pick the right self-storage options that will fit into your specific needs and your budget.