Use it! Store it! or Donate it!

Use it! Store it! or Donate it!

"We make a LIVING by what we GET.....but we make a LIFE by what we GIVE." - Winston Churchill

Founded in 1959 by American friends of Winston Churchill fulfilled Sir Winston's wish of always having gifted American citizens be able to graduate from the Churchill College at the University of Cambridge. The foundation is supported by grants and gifts from corporations, family and friends.

Over 95.4% of households give to charity. The largest source of giving comes from individuals, followed by foundations, bequests and corporations. It is estimated by the year 2055, some $41 trillion will be given to charities as Americans pass on to the next generation their accumulated assets.

Here USSelfStorage gives an infographic that provides ways that people can give to the charity of their choice. Moving, downsizing, or relocating is a perfect opportunity for self storage customers, to donate items ~ they don't want or need.

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A fun guide to charity contribution Infographic

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