Miami Gets Self Storage Valet Service

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Miami Gets Self Storage Valet Service

Aside from its near perfect weather and international culture, Miami now has something else to brag about – a premium self storage valet service in the form of My Box Valet. Similar services, such as MakeSpace and Clutter have popped up in Los Angeles and New York but My Box Valet is the first of its kind to hit Florida.

Valet self storage has become increasingly popular over the past couple years. In a world where we have come to greatly appreciate convenience, the idea of never having to leave your home in order to organize your items is very appealing to both self storage novices and those who are more seasoned in the industry. There has been a surge of startup companies that specialize in this service and competition on the market has been fierce. My Box Valet is penetrating a market that was previously untapped.

The services My Box Valet provides are indistinguishable from other companies of the same nature but it is certainly a novel idea in Miami, where no other service of the sort exists. The company offer valet storage where it will pick up, store and even deliver items right to a customer’s door. Customers can use either the website or mobile app to place orders. In addition to valet self storage service, the company also rents moving boxes.

The service starts at $8 per month. There are varying costs for storing items such as Christmas trees and bicycles. Regular delivery attracts a cost of $15 flat rate and $3 per box and same day delivery is $45 flat rate and $3 per box. This pricing model is slightly higher than other similar services. For example, for small items, Clutter offers free delivery on its standard service and $20 per trip for next day delivery. Box rentals are a bit less expensive. The company charges $0.25 per box and the minimum to rent is 25. However, since it is currently the only service of its kind available in South Florida, My Box Valet may just get away with pricing that is less than competitive for the time being.

With over 15 years of experience in both self storage and moving, the primary message that the the founders of My Box Valet want to communicate to the public is that their items will be in capable hands. The company’s mission is to provide modern and low cost self storage services. If you live in the Miami area and have tried this service, drop us a line in the comments and let us know how it has been working for you.

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