Business Tactics: Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit Efficiently

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Business Tactics: Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit Efficiently

If you’re a business utilizing a self storage facility, things may be a little chaotic based on your industry. If you are using your unit as headquarters for your company, or you are using it for storing goods or files, it’s important to keep your unit organized. Having a good inventory system is a great start to keeping your business organized. Here are a couple of tips for all instances:

For files

  • If you’re storing files, make sure you have a consistent system. Try color coding them just as if they were in an office, only with boxes. Having your boxes or containers color coded will alleviate some of the headache of finding that one file that’s stuck way in the back of the unit. Once you’ve color-coded your system, number or alphabetize your files, then place your coding system into an easy-retrieval software such as excel, or something specially formulated for your type of business. Because you are using a self-storage unit, a computer may not be quickly accessible, but having access through a tablet works just as well if synced to the main computer.
  • Make sure you have scanned copies of everything in the event of a disaster.

For items

  • Group like items together.
  • Try and color code if there are large quantities of different items.
  • Coordinate everything face-forward. This makes everything easy to see, read and access.

For equipment

  • Keep little pieces stored in labeled container systems.
  • Label everything.
  • Keep an inventory system on what’s in, out, needs repairs, etc.

These tips will work in any type of unit, whether it’s a drive-up unit, indoor climate-controlled unit, or outside unit. Climate controlled units are perfect for storing files and electronic equipment to keep elemental exposure away. Businesses that have equipment for outside usage should consider having a drive-up or outside unit, unless there are also files associated with the company that need safekeeping. In this instance, you may want to have multiple units. This could be a great multi-usage discount for your company.

Keep all of this in mind when evaluating your space. You want to make sure you acquire a unit or units that will enhance functionality while keeping your items in good, working condition or accessible within a moment’s notice. You also want to make sure the facility has everything you need, will not hinder operations in any way and will give you the flexibility you need during certain hours of operation.

Having your enterprise in check will enhance your operations and encourage automation of some processes. It’s good to stay in the loop on ways to make your business more efficient and read as much as you can. The business world changes like the wind, and you want to make sure you’re in the know when it comes to new and changing trends.

Following these tips while utilizing your self-storage unit will give you a leg up on the competition and have you running your ship as if it were a Fortune 500!

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