Why you need portable storage

Portable storage is exactly what it sounds like - portable units that can be left at a site as semi-permanent storage or transported somewhere else. If you are planning to remodel, move, or simply de-clutter, portable storage might just do the job. There are many great ways to use portable storage, since it is such a convenient way to have what you need close by but yet not keep it in your house or commercial property. You can keep the portable storage unit right where you need it, or you can have it moved to another location and stored for you or made available at a new site.

No matter what you need portable storage units for, the best way to get what you want for the right price is to get a portable storage unit near you. The shorter distance between your location and where the storage unit comes from, the less it will probably cost you to have it delivered when you need it and picked up when you don't require it anymore. Of course, the closest location to you isn't always the best one. Sometimes, you can get a better deal if you choose a portable storage unit that is a little bit further away. They may have better deals, so it's always wise to shop around.

1 Portable storage units come in different sizes

You can get small units that hold just a little bit of stuff, or you can get larger units that can hold nearly everything in your house. Having options is a great thing, and when you can choose the right size unit you end up only spending money for the space you are actually using. It is easy, convenient, and can be the right choice for you when you need storage but want to keep your items nearby.

Portable storage units are the choice of do-it-yourself movers that want to take their time packing because of its versatility and ease of access. A portable unit provides security and convenience for your belongings. Portable storage is also widely used by contractors to store their tools, equipment and materials at their job sites.

Portable storage units are the new way to move and store. The most significant difference between portable storage and traditional self-storage is that you are no longer required to rent a truck to transfer your belongings back and forth from your location to a storage facility.

A portable storage unit usually comes in a number of different sizes. Some can be as large as semi-trailers, which generally run as long as 53 feet (16.15 m). Larger storage units are generally not recommended for home use, but may be ideal for a larger industrial job site. Residential storage units generally run no longer than 30 feet (9.15 m).

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2 More about Portable Storage

If you need a portable storage unit, just call the company of your choice and ask for one, they should be able to help you choose the right size for your particular needs. You can keep the unit for as long as you need it or want it, there is no time limit as long as you maintain an account in good standing. The person requesting the unit is the one that has to do the loading and eventually the unloading. The company providing the portable storage unit will usually only be responsible for delivery and transport of that unit from location to location.

These advantages make a portable storage unit a good choice if you use it to relocate. You don’t have to rent a truck, and will avoid all the headaches that come with that task. The portable storage company you choose will load the unit, once loaded, into one of their specially designed trucks, drive it to your destination and drop it where you need it, in your driveway or in the street. You can then take your time to unload it and when finished, the company hauls it away.

The other advantage is that the portable storage company can store the unit at their location, this is helpful in cases where the new residence is not ready for moving. This keeps your belongings safe, well-guarded and just a phone call away when you need it. While most tend to use such units for a short-term move or for temporary storage, a few may choose to keep them for longer periods of time.

When looking for a portable storage companies, do your homework, make sure the unit is sturdy with solid construction, this will adequately protect your belongings; that it has interior walls that are smooth to avoid tears or damage to your items; strong tie-down rings that are strategically positioned are a must to help you secure your things while in transit; a roof that is translucent to allow light in.

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3 Do not Confuse Portable Storage with Self Storage

When storing your goods, it's important not to confuse portable storage with self storage. If you don't understand the difference, you might find that you end up with something you did not really want and were not expecting. When you choose a portable storage option you have more versatility, but you also do not have as much protection and security as you would with some self storage options. You will also find that the cost of portable storage is different than the cost of self storage, so you want to get the right amount of storage for the right price and make sure it meets your needs. Avoiding the confusion can help you get what you actually want and need.

Portable storage means a container or other type of storage unit delivered to your site, so you can store things in it. They work great for remodeling jobs, yard sales, or when you just have a lot of extra stuff and no place to put it. You can also use them for moving, whether you are going into the next neighborhood or clear across the country. You can also have your portable storage container moved to a jobsite where you are working, or stored at the company's secure facility. There are so many good options with this type of storage, making it very versatile for all kinds of uses.

In contrast to portable storage, self-storage involves renting a storage unit at a storage facility. These units are not portable, and they generally have pull-down doors like a garage. You store your things in the unit and put a lock on the outside, to protect what you have stored. Many storage facilities that offer these types of units also have security, such as cameras, gates, and high fences. That can help ensure that your goods are safe, but they could be miles away from your home, requiring you to drive to the facility if you need something from the self-storage unit.

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4 Who uses Portable Storage?

When you plan to store items and you want them to be close to your home or business, portable storage is the answer. Everyone can use portable storage, and the value of it cannot be overstated. There is so much that can be done with a storage container or unit that can be delivered right to your door. So, who uses portable storage options? All kinds of people! If you are moving, or you need to do some remodeling at your house, you will need a place to store things. The same is true if you just have too much stuff, and need to sort through it or have a yard sale.

You can also use a storage solution for your business, when you sell items and need a place to put your inventory. A lot of online sellers of goods find that they run out of room in their house to store what they are selling, but they can easily fit everything into a portable storage unit that they can park in their driveway or their yard. While some communities do not allow these kinds of solutions to be placed in yards and driveways, there are plenty of places where it is not a problem, and where these kinds of units really come in handy.

No matter why you need portable storage, you can get a unit that is the right size and the right price for what you need. That allows you to store anything you need for your home or business, right there on your property. That is much more convenient than having to drive to a self storage unit, where you might only have access to your items during certain hours. You don't want to have that kind of limitation on your things.

Whether you are selling items online and need inventory space, you're moving, or you're ready to start on that remodeling project, you can use a portable storage solution to have everything you need close by and ready right when you need it. It's a great solution for anyone who needs a little extra storage space.

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5 What are Storage Containers?

Cargo containers are usually the ones being rented for construction sites and places where materials are often being loaded and unloaded. These containers come in two standard sizes, 20’ and 40’ long.

ISO (International Standard Organization) steel conex containers are the norm and they should be equipped with a standard lock box for security, some companies offer additional side bolts for maximum protection.

Companies that rent this type of containers will store the container at their location and/or deliver it to a specified location. The diversity of commercial storage solutions that are being offer now a days, almost guarantee a suitable match for your business demands, whether is for long term or seasonal retail surplus.

If you are moving or remodeling your home, a steel container could be a feasible alternative for a mobile storage, especially if the container will be left without supervision for long periods of time. These type of steel containers come in a variety of sizes: 8' x 8-1/2' x 10' is good for a small home or apartment, 8' x 8-1/2' x 15' is good for a 1-2 bedroom home, 8' x 8-1/2' x 20' is good for a 2-3 bedroom home and the largest size will be an 8' x 8-1/2' x 24' is good for a 3-4 bedroom home. All this containers are weather tight.

When packing these containers, make sure you distribute the weight evenly, do not stack heave items together. Do not store groceries, vinyl records, candles, aerosol cans, flammables or hazardous chemicals, remember, it is a steel container and it will get hot inside during the day while exposed to the sun. Place blankets or bedding covers between large items of furniture to protect them from scratches.

Some companies go as far as converting these storage containers into mobile offices to your specifications. They are a good alternative to conventional offices as you don’t have to deal with permits, stairs or tie downs. All you do is have the climate controlled container-office, customized to your specs, delivered to your site or workplace, step into it and be ready for business.

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