Reasons to Use Self Storage While Renovating

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Reasons to Use Self Storage While Renovating

Self storage is a simple way to make your life easier. There are tons of companies like U-Haul, CubeSmart, Public Storage, Extra Space, and others that offer this service all over the country. Approximately over 50,000 storage facilities are available right now in North America. Each company has its unique characteristics and features.

Most people use self storage while renovating their homes. They consider it to be a smart way to avoid trouble. Have you been wondering if it will be of any benefit to you? Do not worry, this article will describe the pros and cons of using self storage while renovating. After going through this guide, you will be able to decide for yourself if you need any self storage while renovating or not.

Protection from Dust and Debris

Renovation work involves a lot of dust and debris. No matter how much of an expert crew you get, there will be a lot of clean up involved once the job is done. The dust will fall on all the furniture and whatever home electronics you have and leave them dirty. A lot of furniture may even become permanently marked. Electronic devices could also get damaged when exposed to debris and excessive dust. You will be wasting more money if you do not protect them. Using self storage while renovating is the best way to protect your possessions.

More Space to Work

The renovation team will try its best to give your home the look it deserves so you will also want it to go as planned. This is why you need to give the team enough space to work. They will use various machines to shape your home, but they cannot be comfortable if your home is cluttered with furniture. It will get in their way. So, you need to make sure they can work efficiently and finish the work on time. If you rent a self storage unit while renovating, then they can get the work done a lot faster and avoid potential damage to your belongings in the process.

Gives You Time to Rethink

When you are renovating and creating a new look for your home, there might be pieces of furniture that hold sentimental value. At the same time, you know they may not match the new interior designs that you are putting in place. This may create uncertainty about whether you want to keep them or not so you will try to figure out what you will do to them. Maybe you will sell them, move them somewhere, or give them away. Whatever you do, you can store them safely in a self storage unit while renovating. And it will give you time to think about your next steps.

Handling Any Delay Perfectly

Renovation work can take a lot of time. Even though the most professional contractors will do their best to stick to the given timeline, there is no way to predict unforeseen circumstances that can slow the job down. There are a lot of factors that come into play. Unexpected damages and accidental issues can create long setbacks. When it takes more time than expected, it could increase the chances of losing or misplacing things. You will be left with constant anxiety worrying about the safety of your belongings while strange people are working there. However, this can be easily avoided. If you use self storage while renovating, you can rest assured knowing your items are secure so you can get on with your day and let the crew work without any worries.

Safe from Accidents

Damages from renovation work are very common. It does not matter how much you tell the crew to be careful or how skilled they are. If there is paintwork involved, there will be spills. Maintaining your precious furniture during renovation work is hard and you can never be too careful. A rub by the ladder can leave a permanent scuff mark on your expensive wooden furniture. Storing your items in a self storage unit will save them from any kind of accident until the work is done.

Additional things to Consider

Extra Costs

You want to keep your things safe so it does not cost you extra money to replace anything after the renovation is complete. But, to do so you will need to spend some extra money. The amount will depend on how long you store them. The good thing is you will likely not be keeping these items in storage for very long. Most self storage facilities offer discounts to new customers, which can help you to save money.

Security and Privacy Concerns

You might feel concerned about security while leaving your precious furniture in a self storage. Most companies offer good security, but you cannot deny that there will be a sense of insecurity. That is completely understandable. Most of us feel a precious connection with our furniture and it can be very expensive too. This is why some companies are giving a special focus on security like providing a manager on-site, well-lit surroundings, and gated access.

Keeping things in self storage while renovating is the best possible way to keep your furniture and other belongings safe and make the work more efficient. It is a fact that renovation work is hard, and workers need enough space or else the pieces of furniture will eventually get in their way. If they are damaged during the renovation process then you will end up paying more to fix or replace them later.

Renting a self storage unit is a small price to pay to keep your things unscratched and in pristine condition. If you don't want to decrease the value of your possessions. If you are planning to renovate your home, we suggest you try self storage while renovating. It will make you feel secure and lessen any stress you may have.

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