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Is Austin, TX a Great Place to Relocate?

Is Austin, TX a Great Place to Relocate?

When looking for a new place to locate, you may take into consideration the reasons for the move. You may need to relocate to attend college, due to a job offer, to escape to a better climate, or when wanting a new place during retirement. During your search, the city of Austin, Texas may pop up on your radar. Relocating to the Lone Star state could offer a range of benefits that you had not considered previously. If you are wandering if Austin is a great place to relocate, consider the following factors.

Perfect for Business Startups

In 2020, Austin was ranked as the No. 1 as the best city to start a business according to INC. It continually attracts corporate entity investors and venture capitalists who have pumped billions of dollars annually into new startups. The startup atmosphere and culture allow for these fledging businesses to find their market niches and really take off. This aspect is ideal for people who are looking to relocating to Texas and start their own business. In addition, many startup founders eventually end up selling their brands to larger corporations as the previous owners are able to reap in the financial rewards and begin another startup company that will reach financial success.

Cheaper than Coastal High Tax Cities, But Not in Texas

Austin has a population of roughly 950,000 people. The city is considered one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country while boasting a booming tech economy, an attractive place for startup companies, and a lively arts & culture scene. Many people from higher taxed and higher real estate markets, such as in California and New York, may relocate to Austin, TX to take advantage of the lower real estate and rental rates. Median home prices for 2021 average about $425,000 while average rental rates are about $1,200 in the city. While these rates may be lower than other locations across the country, they are higher than other areas of Texas. The reason for these rising rates is due to the increase of the population, causing less housing inventory and higher prices than the national average.

Weather is Varied

Many people move to southern regions looking to escape the ice, snow and cold from northern climates. Austin, Texas winters are usually nice, averaging about 60 degrees that may occasionally dip down to 40 degrees. The Fall and summer are the best times to visit if you love the outdoors, as these seasons range around 80 degrees. However, summers can get incredibly hot and humid. Temperatures can rise to over 90+ degrees, as it can be hard for newcomers from colder climates to deal with such heat. Yet with the milder and sunnier winters, people can get outside and do things year round. Just make sure to carry a jacket during the chilly Fall and winter.

Water Activities for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Austin Texas is centrally located in the state. It forms the Texas Triangle of cities with Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston. It's about 3 hours away from the beach in Rockport, Texas, considered one of the best beaches in the state, as there is also 600 miles of other coastal beaches to have fun out. Central Texas also has a vast network of rivers and lakes, allowing people in Austin to partake in a range of water activities and jumping into swimming holes. So you may want to pack your swimming gear in a storage unit in Austin so you can enjoy all the water sports and other activities on the water.

Great Music Scene

Music events are plentiful in Austin. The city is considered one of the best places for live music festivals. Two of the largest is SXSW and the Austin City Limits Festival. Due to the great climate, musical festivals are held year-round featuring many local acts. The city also hosts other food, art, and comedy festivals as there may be about 50 of them to see each year. So you won't ever miss out on the fun of a festival in the area to take part in by yourself or with your entire family. Of course, if you are a person who doesn't like the crowds and clog streets that occur when a lot of people attend these festivals, you may want to search for the quieter Austin neighborhoods away from the frenetic festival atmosphere.

Traffic Can Be A Nightmare

The one thing that Austin shares with larger cities like Los Angeles is its traffic woes. Austin has been voted as one of the worst cities when it comes to traffic. You could double and even triple your trip time when trying to drive around the city. However, Austin does have public transportation options such as the Capitol Metro and the Metro rail. You just have to make sure that you plan out your trip and route to take the least crowded streets and give yourself enough time to get to your destination.

College Town

Austin, Texas is the second best college town in the entire country. There are dozens of colleges to select from, including the University of Texas. Whether you are a college student moving to the region to seek out a higher education, or you want to start a family in the area, you know that there will be a range of educational options to select from in Austin. If you do plan to make relocate to the area, keep in mind that you will need a temporary parking permit. All movers and moving companies have to get this permit to avoid fines when parking on residential streets. So have one ready when moving into your new place and when moving your extra possessions to a storage unit in Austin.

Relocating to Austin

There are many good and bad points with every city, including Austin, TX. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages, and then decide based on your personal preferences and your budget.