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6 Tips for Moving to the Bronx in New York

6 Tips for Moving to the Bronx in New York

If you're moving to New York, and more specifically to the Bronx, there are some things you need to know.

With the right tips, you'll be more likely to have a good experience and focus on the great things that area has to offer. It's close to Manhattan for an easy commute to the city, but it also has its own unique and captivating history that you'll likely want to explore.

Before you start checking out the art and music scene, though, you have to get settled into your new place. That can take some time, effort, and planning. But when you know what to plan for and what to expect, you can get around any problems that might show up and make sure you're happy with your new home. The Bronx can be an excellent place to live, work, and play, and when you're planning to move there you'll want to make sure you have all the important areas of life covered. Here are six ways to make moving to the Bronx a little easier.

1. Know and Understand Your Budget

The Bronx is a big place, with a number of different neighborhoods and housing options. Because of that, you can find suburban style areas with houses and garages or one-bedroom apartments in old brick buildings, along with everything in between. Rental prices are higher for houses than apartments in most cases, but it also depends on the proximity to Manhattan and other factors. Make sure you're clear on your budget, so you choose a place that's truly affordable. That will make your time in the Bronx more enjoyable, overall.

2. Choose a Neighborhood That Fits You

Neighborhoods are all different. There are demographics to consider, along with the location of grocery stores, coffee shops, cafés, bookstores, clubs, and all kinds of other things you might be interested in. Finding out which neighborhood will fit you best is important, and some research can help you with that. If you're looking for a quiet life where you can read and sip your coffee, you'll probably be looking for a different neighborhood from someone who's really into the club or music scenes. Take some time to find the area that's best for your needs and lifestyle.

3. Reserve a Storage Unit Ahead of Time

The Bronx, like other areas in and around New York City, has limited storage space. Apartments and even houses can be small, and there isn't always a garage or other location where you can put extra things, even temporarily. The way to avoid all of that is to choose a storage unit and make sure you reserve it. Then you don't have to worry about it later or concern yourself with where to put large items until you can get them into your new space. Plan to reserve a storage unit ahead of time, and you won't regret it. Then you'll have peace of mind about where your things are going when you get there, so you can make the move more easily.

4. Check Out the Commute to Your Job

Depending on what area of the Bronx you choose and where you'll be working, your commute could be easy or more complicated. It's generally a good idea to choose something close to work if possible, just so the commute isn't stressful. For some jobs, though, that's simply not possible. You may have to live a bit further away from where you work, just to find the place you want or something that's more affordable. With some good planning you'll have a great place to live and a reasonable commute to your job, as well. Public transit is often your best choice, as driving in the city can be stressful and parking may be expensive.

5. Research Local Schools if You Have Children

There are all types of schools in the Bronx, from kindergarten up through college level. If you have kids, or if you're going to be attending college in the area, living in the right area will help. There are different school districts for K-12 schools, and if you want your children to go to a particular school you'll need to live in that district. That could definitely affect your options for housing, so it's something you want to start considering early on in the process. You don't want to find a great place to live, and then discover that it's not in your child's school district or too far of a commute from the college you want to attend.

6. Find the Right Moving Help

You may have friends and neighbors in the area who can help you move, or you may have to hire someone to do it for you. Either way, arranging it early on in the process is the best way to make sure it will get done right. You could have a very limited time to get everything in and settled, depending on your schedule, so you don't want to leave things to the last minute. You should also make sure your movers are prepared for the kind of space they're bringing things to. Some areas of the Bronx can make parking on the street to unload a moving truck difficult, so being aware of all of that first is the way to go.

By focusing on the specifics of the move, it'll be easier to make the transition to the Bronx. Whether you're coming from another area of the state or you're moving to New York from across the country or the world, you'll want to be sure you know all about your new place before moving in. Find the right neighborhood, address any issues with limited storage space, and do your research so you can choose a location that's best for you. Then you can enjoy what the area really has to offer, get settled in, and start planning for all the things you want to do with the next chapter in your life.