Valet Self Storage Startup Gets Celebrity Backing

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Valet Self Storage Startup Gets Celebrity Backing

We previously told you about MakeSpace – a valet-style self storage service – and now it has some celebrity attention. We’ve seen that celebrities use self storage just as much as us regular folk. MakeSpace received over $10 million in funding from actor Ashton Kutcher and basketball star Carmelo Anthony. Funding also came from companies upfront venture and Founders Fund.

Based in New York, the startup company helps self storage customers free up space without actually having to go near a self storage facility. Now, it has officially opened another office in Chicago. It has plans to bring the service to Washington D.C. by the beginning of April.

According to CEO and founder, Sam Rosen, in a press release issued by the company, “We’re thrilled to bring our beloved New York City service to Chicago and D.C. residents who need a storage solution that works for their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. With MakeSpace, users never have to visit a storage facility again. We will pick up, store and redeliver users’ belongings, whenever it’s convenient for them.”

Make Space’s rapid growth and expansion may signal a new direction for the self storage industry. Valet self storage is on the rise and the $24-billion a year industry may be growing even further.

We are the clear leader in the New York City market, and this year we are focused on the expansion of that service into other urban cities that share some of the same traits – particularly the lack of space and time,” said Rosen. “We are now poised to take on and transform an entire industry, one that has never truly changed. Chicago and D.C. seemed like the logical next markets to do just that.”

Customers outside of the New York, Chicago and D.C. can still take advantage of the valet service through the company’s partnership with UPS. Dubbed “MakeSpace Air” the service allows users to get reusable boxes shipped and picked up at their convenience. There’s a $29 flat rate free to get your items delivered in addition to discounted UPS rates for other locations.

Do you have any experience using a valet self storage service? How does it stack up against traditional self storage facilities? Sound off in the comments below!

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