How Self Storage Units Can Help You Declutter During the Holiday Season

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How Self Storage Units Can Help You Declutter During the Holiday Season

There are many reasons people find self storage units to be helpful. Drivers might store their cars so that rust and water damage don’t decrease their value, and businesses often find that renting a storage unit allows them to grow without leasing expensive office space. But with the holidays coming up, you too might be realizing that you could benefit from a space to store seasonal items. Here’s a simple strategy for reducing your clutter and stress over the next month:

  1. Initial Storage Unit Survey: Pre-Holiday

    As you’re unpacking and arranging your decorations throughout your home, make sure you open up every box and look inside. Many people have more decorations than they actually use each year, either because they’ve accumulated grander replacements and never gotten rid of older stuff, or because they like to rotate their decorations from year to year. Instead of stuffing unused items back into your home’s storage areas, decide what you’ll truly want to use another year and what is likely to sit in your attic forever. Things in the former category should go to the storage unit right away (you can take the opportunity to neatly box and label decorations for easy identification next year), while the rest can be donated.

  2. Second Storage Unit Decision: Post-Holiday

    The second pass will probably require fewer tough decisions. As you dismantle your decorations, pack them neatly and take them off to the storage unit. It’s as easy as that. A home can already feel a little bare stripped of all its cheerful holiday paraphernalia, but you might also want to take the opportunity to clean out a few other areas of your home and relocate excess items to the storage facility.

  3. Finding the Right Storage Unit to Store That Holiday Cheer:

    It’s likely you’ll find self storage units locally with a wide range of options. The first factors to consider with self storage rentals are the location of the facility and what kind of features it offers. Just because you want to rent a unit doesn’t mean you’ll need to drive into a semi-industrial area and throw your stuff into a warehouse; there are some high-end storage units in good neighborhoods that are built to blend in with surrounding office buildings. Some even offer climate controlled storage, which might be worth it if you’re planning to store any valuables that could be damaged by heat, cold or humidity. Most storage facilities have units in a variety of sizes, so it’s actually best to find a facility first and then worry about the exact amount of space you’ll need for seasonal storage.

What’s the verdict? Will you be heading online to find self storage units in your area, or are you content to keep your Christmas clutter in the garage or attic? Discuss in the comments.