How to Have a Successful Moving Party

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How to Have a Successful Moving Party

The thought of moving or having to relocate to a new place can be challenging. You may not be up for the task of getting everything together, especially if you have been living in your home for a long period of time. Things tend to accumulate very quickly when you least expect it. When faced with this situation, don't fret! You can have a double-header – a moving party and free-for-all to assist in having your things packed in no time.

One of the first things to do is check the dates. If you have a large home, you may need two days. Next, reach out via your social media page to those individuals who may live in the area. You would be surprised how many people would be willing to not only help, but will spread the word. Making arrangements with the Salvation Army to come on the following Monday will save you the trouble of waiting to get rid of things after the move. That task will already be taken care of. Sending out Evites can make it a festive occasion and help you get an accurate count of who may be coming. This will put you in a moving mindset and really get the ball rolling.

After you've taken care of the preliminaries, it's time to sit down and make a list of everything in each room that needs to be packed and what will be donated. If you're anything like the general population, you may have a climate-controlled storage unit that needs to be cleared out. One thing that could really help you after you've gone through and labeled those items that are able to be donated is to have the storage facility send out a message via their social media about your giveaway. You can even make flyers and post them up outside.

If your new place is not too far away, you may have a couple of your attendees plan to drive your truck and help escort you to the new location where you may have to acquire a storage unit. This will significantly cut down on expenses, you won't have to pay a moving company and your belongings will be handled with people you trust. When planning a party, you can't forget one of the most important things – snacks! Your workers will appreciate the gesture. After all, it is a party, right? Getting a few sandwich platters will work better in this situation than pizza, and keeping the cold drinks on ice will be greatly appreciated. Between the foods, chips, music and fun, your place will be packed up and ready to go before you know it.

Being proactive and smart when faced with a large task doesn't have to be a nightmare. Adding a little spice and fun to the mix will get you great results. People respond positively for calls to action, especially if you're known for lending a helping hand as well. Have lots of supplies handy in each room and get to packing!

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