How to Effectively Downsize: Know Your Options When Moving.

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How to Effectively Downsize

It’s very difficult to downsize when you are moving or are used to having a lot of possessions. There are physical and emotional attachments that come into play. Although this may be difficult, you need to change your mindset and look at downsizing as a positive step forward into your future. Hanging on to things keeps you stagnant; letting go of things gives you room and opportunity for new things to come in and bring you joy or peace.

If you’re moving, this is a perfect time to look at what you have and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Don’t take the mindset of doing it once you reach your new destination. You want to arrive at your new place clutter-free. Now is the time to throw it away, give it away or figure out how you will repurpose these items.

There will be certain items that you need but won’t be able to have in your new place because of space constraints. This is a perfect time to explore getting a self-storage unit to help you out. Having a unit can serve a variety of purposes, and you will have time to find a place for these items or figure out how you can fit having a monthly bill into your budget. It may be well worth your investment. Here are a couple of tips for different rooms and items:

  • Closet
    This is a huge undertaking, especially if you are a clotheshorse or love to “see” your closet full. Most of the time, people have clothing in their closets that they don’t even wear for one reason or another, and clothing just takes up valuable space. Now is the time to sort through these items and determine what you really wear and what’s there just because. If you haven’t worn an item in the last year, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. Sort through everything – sweaters, blouses, suits, shirts and even shoes.

  • Books
    For bookworms this is especially difficult. Maybe you had a library at your home but your new place won’t allow that flexibility. Do you really want to have all those books just collecting dust when they could be donated or sold to someone that will appreciate them? Heirlooms and collectibles – those are off-limits, but those books that you have just to have them, sharing is definitely caring.

  • Furniture
    If you have furniture or electronics that you cannot take with you or you don’t even want anymore, get rid of it! Do you have a friend or associate that needs furniture? Maybe you can place an ad on Craigslist or Freecycle. This can add money in your pocket.

  • Dishes
    If you have kitchen appliances or dishes that you have too many of, get rid of it! Donate these items to a cooking class or culinary school. You’ll feel a lot better and you’ve done something positive.

These tips will get you started. If you’re in the 50/50 zone, go ahead and let it go. This is a great way to bring new energy into your space. You’ll thank yourself for it in the end.

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