Essential facts about self-storage

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Essential facts about self-storage

There are many things to know about self-storage that you may not know. When most individuals think self-storage, they think about it being a large place that is air conditioned and people have their furniture. That’s true, but there’s a lot more to storage facilities than the average person may think. Here are some facts about self-storage:

  • There are many different types of facilities. Self-storage units include storage for boats, vehicles, RV’s, motorcycles and more.

  • 68% of all self- storage renters live in a single family household and 27% live in an apartment.
  • 65% of all self-storage renters have a garage but still have a self-storage unit, 47% have an attic and 33% have a basement.
  • Self-storage units come in air-conditioned, drive-up, covered, uncovered, inside and outside.
  • A multitude of businesses, small and large use self-storage units to house their operations or documents.

This means that people use self-storage for a variety of reasons, and it isn’t limited to people who are moving or downsizing. Truth be told, some people use storage because they can’t bear to part with belongings, have run out of space or don’t want equipment or garden tools at their home. For families who live in very cold climates, self-storage is a viable option for storage of a second car not being used, storing lawn and garden furniture, or even to store generators and other items such as extra firewood.

Schools such as colleges, public schools or even school districts all utilize self-storage facilities to house things like t-shirts, equipment, testing materials, books and more. Wherever you look, there is a self-storage facility being used for some reason other than just storing furniture.

Why do people use self-storage? For one, it’s an affordable option for storing your things. You can have a secure facility which is well guarded with cameras for pennies on the dollar when you think about some of the items being stored. Two, it provides convenience. With a storage facility, you usually know what’s in there, especially if it’s being used for a business or a specific purpose. You can go there when you need items and when you don’t, leave everything as is with no worries. Having a self-storage unit takes the hassle out of wondering where you will put certain items and how it will fit into your current space. You can’t go wrong with acquiring a unit and now you know why.

If you’re facing challenges with space or décor, try a self-storage unit. You’ll be thanking yourself for the decision later.

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