Don’t panic when you have to relocate

Don’t panic when you have to relocate

Is there a move in your future? Have you been transferred to a new job in a new city? Do you have to find a new place to live? Are you walking around in your current home wondering how you are going to get all of that “stuff” packed up, shipped, and settled in your new home? Are you about to panic? Well, don’t panic. We have good news. If that move to a new home is on your horizon there is help available, just for you, and you even have options.

Relocation services direct and manage the process of relocation including finding a new house, finding a school for your children, and even helping to find a job for your mate or partner. Their services are available, not only domestically, but also if you are relocating overseas. Relocating services make your move an almost turn-key operation, which leaves you free to concentrate to acclimating to your new job much more quickly. Many multi-national employers use relocation services to give their employees the assistance and freedom they need.

Moving companies have been around for a long time and they can do many of the things that relocation services do. Did you know that movers will pack your things, load, unload, and unpack for you all for one price? The moving company will send an estimator who will look at how many rooms you need to move, estimate the number of boxes that will be needed and schedule a packing crew for you. A couple of days before the move date, the packing crew will come in and have your things in boxes and ready to go on moving day. When the truck arrives on moving day, the movers load it up and head for your new home. On the other end, another crew is waiting for your things to arrive. They will unpack and place your things as you direct.

Something fairly new to the moving scene is the portable storage unit or pod. Now, we have seen shipping containers for years. But not too long ago, containers began to be used for portable storage. When you think about it, they are a natural choice when a move is necessary.

When you call the portable storage company, they will send you a container to fill. You can pack your things at your own pace and fill the container. When it is full and you call, the container storage company will send a truck to pick up your container and deliver it to your new address. You can then unpack at your leisure.

Here’s the best part of using a container. All the items that have been in the attic or taking up space in the garage can remain in the container when you arrive at your new address. Instead of unpacking them, call the storage company to pick up the container and store it for you just like a self storage unit.

Good luck in your new home!