Self-Storage For Military Personnel

Self-Storage For Military Personnel

Military personnel face some hard questions, even when not in combat situations. For example, you just received the orders to “ship out.” You have a few days to put your personal affairs in order before you leave. Here’s the question you have to answer, “What do I do with all my things while I am gone?”

You know you don’t want to sell everything, but where to put it? Particularly if there is no room in Mom’s garage or attic, your “stuff” has to go somewhere, but where?

The answer, of course, is a safe, secure 24 hour access storage unit. Self storage units are affordable and conveniently located.

Units of various sizes are available, so whether you have just a few items, or a houseful of furniture, you can rent a unit that will be just the right size for you. Need to store a motorcycle or even a car? No problem, there is plenty of room and 24 hour access at the affordable self storage facility near you.

The last thing a Soldier, Sailor, or Marine needs to worry about is the security of their things while they are gone. Gratefully, an affordable self storage unit solves the security problem. First, the tenant places their own lock on the unit and then the facility provides 24-hour security as well.

Here’s another great thing about affordable self storage, no long-term contract is necessary. Rental of the unit is on a month-to-month basis, so if you need a unit for a short time or long-term, self storage is your answer.

We all know that no one will ever get rich serving in the military, so, not only is security important, but so is the cost. We admit we can’t match the “free” price that Mom charges to store things at her house, but you will never hear that anything is, “in our way.” That alone is worth a fortune!!! And, you have 24 hour access to your unit and everything in it…without disturbing anyone.

Here is what we do have to offer, affordable self storage that does not strain your budget. If you are living on base, in an apartment, or even a house, chances are you don’t have room for everything now. You could use a convenient, affordable, 24 hour access storage unit today, not just when you “ship out.”

Here’s the bottom line, 24 hour storage really provides peace of mind. Your items are safe and secure…peace of mind. Your items are at a location that is convenient to your Stateside address…peace of mind. You have access to your storage unit 24 hours per day…peace of mind. You are not required to sign a long-term contract…peace of mind. And, the cost of your unit is very low, very affordable…peace of mind.

Self storage for military personnel makes perfect sense and perfect cents! Self storage is convenient. Self storage is affordable. Self storage provides safety and security for everything in the unit. Self storage is flexible, perfect for every Soldier, Sailor, and Marine.