How to Choose a Self Storage Unit

How to Choose a Self Storage Unit

Self storage units can be used for many purposes. Perhaps your house has gotten too cluttered and you would like to organize items by season and put them away into a self storage unit. Maybe you need a self storage unit to store some of your play items like a boat, RV, or second automobile. Or maybe you have important documents taking up space so you need document storage. Possibly you are moving and need an interim solution to keep your items safe and secure during the move. You should organize your items as much as possible into boxes before choosing a self storage unit so that you know what size unit you might need. There are several considerations you should think about before renting a self storage unit.

First and foremost, you should consider price of the unit. Some of the larger chains with self storage units have higher prices than the smaller independent self storage businesses. But, some of the larger chains may have more amenities that you are looking for. Also, consider the promotional deals the facility is offering. Sometimes you can get the first month free, a free truck rental, free moving boxes, and other promotional items. When comparing self storage places, see who has the best deal for you. Self storage units generally increase in price by size, the larger unit you get the higher the price. However, this is not always the case, as some units may be more difficult to get to and therefore are a better deal than some of the smaller, more easily accessible self storage units.

Think about how long you are going to need storage. Will this be a short-term solution, as in the case of a move, or will you need storage for the long-term? You can get better prices the longer of a time you can commit to using a self storage unit. However, there are places that will rent self storage units on a month-to-month basis. When considering what size of a unit to get, you should go with the smallest size that will reasonably hold all your items. You can measure items before placing them into storage and get an estimate of size that way. Also, most self storage unit businesses provide estimate guides as to how much each size storage unit will hold.

Decide what amenities you need to have with your self storage unit. Do you have important documents or other items that could be damaged by extreme heat or extreme cold? In this case, you should choose document storage that is climate-controlled. Humidity and temperature are the leading causes of damage to items in storage. Climate-controlled storage may be more expensive, but if you have items that could be damaged, then climate-controlled storage is an excellent option to protect those items. Do you have large items that cannot be carried upstairs? Then you will definitely want to consider drive up storage. With these self storage units you can drive right next to the unit and unload your items directly from your vehicle into the unit. Drive up storage units are more convenient but you do pay a higher price for that convenience.

Taking all of these factors under consideration should help you move forward in deciding what the next step to take is as far as your storage needs. Before long, your house will become more organized and you will rest easy knowing your items are safe and secure in a self-storage unit.