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Vehicle Storage in Manhattan, NY

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Life Storage - New York - 622 W 51st St

622 W 51st St, 
New YorkNY 10019

1 miles away
Starting at $194.00

Extra Space Storage - New York - 485 W 129th St

485 W 129th St, 
New YorkNY 10027

1 miles away
Starting at $943.00

Extra Space Storage - Long Island City - 30-46 Northern Blvd

30-46 Northern Blvd, 
Long Island CityNY 11101

1 miles away
Starting at $400.00

Extra Space Storage - New York - 58 W 143rd St

58 W 143rd St, 
New YorkNY 10037

1 miles away
Starting at $292.00

Extra Space Storage - Secaucus - 101 Paterson Plank Rd

101 Paterson Plank Rd, 
SecaucusNJ 07094

1 miles away
Starting at $205.00

Extra Space Storage - North Bergen - 2425 Tonnelle Ave

2425 Tonnelle Ave, 
North BergenNJ 07047

1 miles away
Starting at $249.00

Storage Post - Bronx - 3350 Park Avenue

3350 Park Avenue, 
BronxNY 10456

1 miles away
Starting at $150.00

Extra Space Storage - Fort Lee - 1415 Old Bergen Blvd

1415 Old Bergen Blvd, 
Fort LeeNJ 07024

1 miles away
Starting at $549.00

Life Storage - Bronx - 2036 Webster Ave

2036 Webster Ave, 
BronxNY 10457

1 miles away
Starting at $297.00

Extra Space Storage - Englewood - 524 Grand Ave

524 Grand Ave, 
EnglewoodNJ 07631

1 miles away
Starting at $510.00
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Vehicle Storage Units New York, NY.

New York, NY is a great place to rent vehicle storage units.

Considered the financial and cultural capital of the world, Manhattan, NY calls out to families, college students and working professionals to create a successful career here while enjoying the wide range of entertainment and amenities. It is the most densely populated borough in New York City even while being the smallest of the five boroughs (the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are the other four neighboring boroughs), as commuters flock to the economically rich area.

Yet the incredible thing about Manhattan is that the people and the electrifying atmosphere here makes you feel as if you are at the center of the biggest place in the world despite the small size, it's no wonder that it has so many people looking for homes and apartments in Manhattan and the other boroughs. With so many people filling the streets and the many wondrous sights to see, it is sometimes better to place your car into vehicle storage and take to foot or use public transportation to visit some of the landmarks. Stop by at Central Park, see what show is playing on Broadway, or go on a shopping and dining adventure in Times Square. Also, don't forget to stop by the observation deck of One World Observatory at the top of One World Trade Center to look out at the gorgeous skyline as you view famous places such as Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building.

Yet it is not all work and play in Manhattan. This borough provides a wide range of educational opportunities for college students. There are well over 20 colleges and universities including Columbia University, the Julliard School and Baruch College. Students take advantage of the myriad degree opportunities when living on or off campus before joining the millions of tourists out in the streets to enjoy all the wonders that this location has to offer year round.

Get The Right Self-Storage Unit When Living or Working in Manhattan

With the busy atmosphere of Manhattan, you want to have a place where you can store seasonal items that won't fit into your new home or extra things you want to keep when moving into a larger space. helps you cut out the guesswork on finding the right storage facility in your Manhattan neighborhood. Type in your zip code and you will receive a list of self-storage facilities nearby as you can compare unit sizes, costs and extra benefits such as climate-controlled spaces when you are storing delicate collectible items, computer equipment, or documents that may be damaged during the summer heat or cold winters in Manhattan.

Find the Discounts and Amenities When Locating Self-Storage Units

Manhattan offers a diverse community for people of all walks of live to enjoy the host of benefits offered. While living here, you can obtain a range of discounts and amenities when placing your items into self-storage. Look for the right self-storage facility, reserve a unit and lock in the discount prices when using

Reasons for Using Vehicle Storage:

      1. Parking Restrictions: Vehicle storage is essential in neighborhoods with parking limitations, where street parking may not be available, or homeowners' association (HOA) regulations prohibit driveway parking for RVs or boats. This is especially common in densely populated urban areas.
      2. Insufficient Garage Space: For households with more vehicles than garage capacity or with oversized vehicles like boats or RVs, vehicle storage offers a solution to space constraints. It's ideal for scenarios where vehicles cannot fit into available garage space due to size limitations.
      3. Project Space: Vehicle storage provides a designated area for vehicle projects, such as restoring classic cars, without cluttering up personal garages or driveways.
      4. Travel Convenience: Frequent travelers can benefit from vehicle storage by securely storing their vehicles while away, ensuring they remain protected and accessible upon return.
      5. Security and Weather Protection: Vehicle storage facilities offer enhanced security measures and protection from weather elements, safeguarding vehicles against theft, vandalism, and environmental damage.

Types of Vehicle Storage:

      1. Car Storage: Ideal for seasonal or vintage cars.
      2. Motorcycle Storage: Protects bikes from theft or damage.
      3. ATV Storage: Safely stores all-terrain vehicles, providing both security and workspace.
      4. Jet Ski Storage: Accommodates jet skis and trailers efficiently.
      5. Snowmobile Storage: Offers secure space for snow machines during offseason.
      6. Boat Storage: Ensures proper protection for boats during colder months.
      7. RV Storage: Provides spacious, sheltered areas for larger vehicles.

Vehicle Storage Options:

  • Enclosed Storage: Best for smaller vehicles like ATVs and snowmobiles, ensuring protection from weather and theft.
  • Outdoor Covered Storage: Suitable for larger vehicles like boats, cars, and small RVs, offering partial protection from the elements.
  • Outdoor Uncovered Storage: Ideal for large RVs and less weather-sensitive vehicles.

Vehicle Storage Amenities:

  • 24-Hour Security: Enhances vehicle safety and provides peace of mind, potentially reducing insurance costs.
  • Extended Hours: Allows convenient access to vehicles according to individual schedules.

Average Price of Vehicle Storage:

  • Ranges from $45 to $450 monthly, depending on factors like location, type, and size of vehicle.
  • Shopping around is crucial to find the best price and terms, considering factors such as security and accessibility.

Choosing the Right Storage Size:

  • Measure vehicle dimensions carefully to ensure a proper fit.
  • Opt for a size that allows easy access for maintenance or projects without unnecessary extra space.