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Climate Controlled Self Storage St Augustine Beach, FL and Storage Units St Augustine Beach, FL.

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CubeSmart Self Storage

11 Pine Lakes Parkway North,
Palm CoastFL 32137
Storage Units As Low As:
Web Price: $72.00
In-Store Price: $80.00
Discount on Select Units:
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CubeSmart Self Storage

531 Cypress Edge Drive,
Palm CoastFL 32164
Storage Units As Low As:
Web Price: $59.40
In-Store Price: $66.00
Discount on Select Units:
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Public Storage

5200 Palm Valley Road,
Ponte Vedra BeachFL 32082
Storage Units As Low As:
Web Price: $77.00
In-Store Price: $85.00
Discount on Select Units:
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Champion Self Storage

4001 Reid St.,
PalatkaFL 32177
Storage Units As Low As:
Web Price: $49.00
Discount on Select Units:
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CubeSmart Self Storage

8121 Point Meadows Drive,
JacksonvilleFL 32256
Storage Units As Low As:
Web Price: $32.29
In-Store Price: $38.00
Discount on Select Units:
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Climate Controlled Storage Units in a Nutshell.

Here's what you need to know about climate controlled units in St Augustine Beach, FL.

  • It protects your valuable belongings from damage due to extremes in temperature.
  • Oftentimes, humidity is also lowered, as is the risk of pests and flooding.
  • They are ideal for antiques, wooden furniture, and musical instruments.
  • The goal temperature range varies by company.
  • They do cost about 25% more, but peace of mind is priceless.
  • Always verify the exact definition of climate controlled storage before renting.

What Temperature Are the Self-Storage Units Kept At?

On average, climate controlled self-storage in St Augustine Beach, FL mean that the unit is kept between 55 and 85 degrees. At this temperature, most valuable items, including irreplaceable paintings and antiques, will remain in pristine condition. However, every storage company has a different definition of what climate controlled storage actually means, and they have various ways of maintaining these temperatures. It is crucial to always get, in writing, the specifics for the company you are renting from.

How is the Temperature Controlled?

For most climate controlled storage units, the temperature can easily be maintained thanks to three factors:

  • The location of the unit (indoors, no outside access)
  • The construction (more durable, often metal)
  • HVAC setups (for the entire complex, usually not in single units)

What Else Will a Climate Controlled Unit Prevent?

Most units that offer this feature only monitor temperatures; however, as a result of the controlled temperature, humidity is also affected. Additionally, thanks to the location and construction, most climate controlled units will also experience a decrease in possible vermin and pests. Since the unit is likely fortified with metal, it will be impenetrable to termites. And because the self-storage units are located indoors, the chances of spiders and mice making a home in them goes down dramatically. And finally, due to the heavy-duty roofs and raised floors that most climate controlled storage units have, there is probably not going to be any damage due to the elements.

Why Should I Get One Over Regular Self-Storage Units?

If you are storing antiques, wood furniture, fine art, musical instruments, or anything else prone to damage due to temperature extremes, a controlled unit is a good idea. In regular self-storage units, the temperatures can vary from below freezing to over 100 degrees, which can lead to cracking, melting, and many other situations that will undoubtedly lower the value of your belongings.

Do I Really Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit in St Augustine Beach, FL?

Unless you have expensive, irreplaceable items, you can probably get away with renting a basic self-storage unit. That being said, if you are the slightest bit worried about anything you are putting in your unit, peace of mind is truly priceless. Do you really want to take the chance with a basic unit? Probably not.

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