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Vehicle Storage in Fairfield, CA

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Extra Space Storage - Vallejo - 3480 Tennessee St

3480 Tennessee St, 
VallejoCA 94591

1 miles away
Starting at $84.00

CubeSmart - Benicia - 3300 Park Rd

3300 Park Rd, 
BeniciaCA 94510

1 miles away
Starting at $125.40

Extra Space Storage - Napa - 1135 Golden Gate Dr

1135 Golden Gate Dr, 
NapaCA 94558

1 miles away
Starting at $82.00

Extra Space Storage - Vallejo - 4311 Sonoma Blvd

4311 Sonoma Blvd, 
VallejoCA 94589

1 miles away
Starting at $98.00
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Vehicle Storage Units Fairfield, CA.

Fairfield, CA is a great place to rent vehicle storage units.

Located halfway between San Francisco and Sacramento in Solano County, the city of Fairfield, CA is a great location from which to base business and personal life. The city, while home to over 108,000 people, maintains a smaller-town feel than the larger metro areas nearby, but is just 36 miles from the center of both major cities. It's also located near popular cities like Napa, Vallejo and Concord, providing an exceptional location for those making the region home.

Fairfield has a number of attractive neighborhoods and subdivisions that appeal to people in a variety of demographics. Many of the over 108,000 people who call Fairfield home find themselves living in the 94533, 94534, 94591, 94589 and 94590 zip codes, where residential communities are common.

While many of the people who live in Fairfield choose to commute to one of the larger cities nearby, and Interstate 80 passes right through the city making the commute throughout region simple, Fairfield has its share of business opportunities for those who want to work closer to home. The Travis Air Force Base is a major presence in Fairfield, and Jelly Belly has its headquarters in the community as well.

A diverse economy with everything from health care to manufacturing and even government jobs helps keep the people of Fairfield well employed. The businesses in Fairfield often turn to self storage facilities to store business records and equipment off-site to make their facilities less cluttered. Climate controlled storage options in Fairfield help ensure the delicate documents and sensitive equipment stored by area businesses is protected, so companies remain compliant without worrying about clutter.

Of course, life in Fairfield is not just about work, though the employment opportunities are vast. In Fairfield, residents enjoy exceptional recreational opportunities as well, and the Bay Area and all that it provides is just a short drive away. Many residents choose to rent vehicle storage, so they can have a boat or other recreational vehicle ready for the weekend without clogging up their driveway.

The presence of the Air Force base means the population of Fairfield is somewhat fluid. When military families come to the community for a short stay, they sometimes wish to put some of their belongings in storage during that time. This allows them to enjoy the benefits of life in Fairfield without worrying about storing snow equipment and other items they may have used in their last location, but do not need in Fairfield.

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If you are in need of self storage in Fairfield, is here to help. Using our easy-to-search database, you can search for self storage near your Fairfield home or business, then compare offers side-by-side to find the exact type you need at a price you love. You can even book your unit from the comfort of your home once you choose the one that you need, and our system will show you the incentives companies are offering for first-time customers, helping you save money as you choose your self storage facility. Once you book, you will get a detailed e-mail outlining how to claim your storage facility once you are ready to use it. The process is fast, easy and convenient, and will help you save money. Search by zip code or city today, and lock in your discount today!

Why Use Vehicle Storage?

There are a lot of great reasons to use vehicle storage when protecting your car, truck, or other vehicle is important to you. One of the main reasons to use this kind of storage solution is living in a neighborhood where there are parking limitations.

There might not be room for you to park on the street, or you may get a letter from the HOA saying you can't leave your vehicle in the driveway. Parking limitations are common in larger cities and more urban areas, but can really happen anywhere.

Another reason to choose vehicle storage is not having enough garage space. If you have a two-car garage and three vehicles, for example, or if you have a boat, RV, or other vehicle that won't fit in the garage due to its size, using vehicle storage can solve any problems you have with space.

Other reasons for storing your vehicle at a facility include space for vehicle projects such as rebuilding an old car, frequent traveling, security, and protection from the weather.

Types of Vehicle Storage

Storing your vehicle doesn't have to be difficult. Here's what to consider about several different kinds of vehicles, when it comes to storing them the right way.

Car Storage

If you have a summertime car you store away in the winter, or an older vehicle that you want to restore, that's a great reason for a car storage space.

Motorcycle Storage

A motorcycle doesn't take up a lot of room, but you still might not have space at your home to store it. Putting your bike into a vehicle storage unit can help keep it safe and reduce the chances that someone will steal or damage it.

ATV Storage

Like a motorcycle, an ATV is a fair-weather vehicle option. You need to keep it safe when you're not using it, and have room to store it and work on it. The right vehicle storage unit is the best choice.

Jet Ski Storage

Storing a jet ski is easier when you have a dedicated vehicle storage space. That's because jet skis are often stored on their trailers, and they take up a lot of room that you might not have in your garage.

Snowmobile Storage

During the summer, your snowmobile needs a secure space. Vehicle storage can give you that, so your snow machine will be protected and ready to go when winter comes around again.

Boat Storage

A boat is great fun during the summer months, but when the weather gets cold, and you need to keep it stored, you want to find the right boat storage space to protect it properly.

RV Storage

An RV needs a large storage space, or a more open location such as carport-style storage. That will help protect it while still giving you access.

Vehicle Storage Options

There are three main ways to store a vehicle at a facility, which are inside in an enclosed space, outside and covered, or outside and uncovered. All three of these options can be good choices, but which one works for you will depend on your budget, needs, and the type of vehicle you have.

Enclosed storage unit / Drive-up

This is what most people think of when they think about self-storage units. There are specific units for vehicles, as they can't typically be stored in a traditional unit due to regulations about gasoline and other flammable liquids. Enclosed units are best for smaller vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles.

Outdoor covered storage

Outdoor covered storage is a lot like putting a vehicle under a carport, inside a fenced area. This protects it from the worst of the weather, but it's better for larger vehicles that won't fit into an enclosed space. For example, boats with their own covers, cars and trucks, and small RVs are often stored this way.

Outdoor uncovered storage

This storage is best for large RVs that might not fit into an enclosed or covered space, and that aren't likely to be damaged from sitting out in the weather. You can also store other vehicles this way, but small vehicles could be at risk.

Vehicle Storage Amenities

Choosing vehicle storage means getting amenities you might not have otherwise. The two most valuable amenities for most people are 24-hour security to protect their vehicles, and extended hours to ensure that they can get access when needed.

24-hour security

You want to keep your vehicle as safe as possible, and you can do that more easily through a vehicle storage facility that has security on a 24-hour basis. It's a good deterrent for anyone who might consider damaging your vehicles, and it can reduce your insurance costs and give you peace of mind, as well.

Extended hours

Extended hours matter, too, since you need to be able to get to your vehicle at your convenience. Especially if you work nights, weekends, or on a rotating schedule, the goal is to make sure you don't end up without proper access to your vehicle when you need it most.

Average Price of Vehicle Storage

The average price of vehicle storage is between $45 and $450 per month. It's such a large range because there are several different storage options for you to consider. The type and size of your vehicle can matter, along with your location and other factors. Storing a motorcycle in a more rural area is going to cost less, on average, than storing an RV in a more urban or suburban location.

Shopping around can help you get the right price and terms for any vehicles you want to store. Even if something seems like a good deal, it might not be as good as you think if there are too many factors that don't work for you. Not having security, for example, is an important consideration, since you don't want to put your vehicles at risk. You also need to make sure you can get to them when needed.

What Size Storage is Best for a Vehicle?

The size of the storage unit is a big part of what to consider. A large RV will probably need to be kept in open storage or an outdoor, covered option, simply because there aren't too many facilities that have enclosed storage spaces large enough for it. But some facilities may be able to accommodate it, and that can be a good option if you're looking for the largest amount of protection.

Make sure your vehicle will fit by measuring carefully before you sign a contract to rent a storage space. You want to be able to walk around the vehicle, ideally. That's especially important if it's a project car, or you're doing any kind of service or maintenance on it while it's being stored. Don't get an oversized space, though, or you'll be paying a higher price than you have to for the space your vehicle is taking up.

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