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Vehicle Storage in Citrus Heights, CA

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CubeSmart - Roseville

900 Orlando Ave
RosevilleCA 95661
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $51.75
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Extra Space Storage - Roseville

1011 Foothills Blvd
RosevilleCA 95747
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $42.00
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CubeSmart - Citrus Heights

7562 Greenback Ln--
Citrus HeightsCA 95610
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $68.25
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Extra Space Storage - Roseville

540 6th St
RosevilleCA 95678
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $50.00
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Extra Space Storage - Citrus Heights

6230 Auburn Blvd
Citrus HeightsCA 95621
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $58.00
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Extra Space Storage - Sacramento

7345 Roseville Rd
SacramentoCA 95842
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $77.00
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Extra Space Storage - Sacramento

5770 Auburn Blvd
SacramentoCA 95841
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $43.00
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Extra Space Storage - Roseville

100 Junction Blvd
RosevilleCA 95678
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $42.00
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CubeSmart - Orangevale

9360 Greenback Ln
OrangevaleCA 95662
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $75.00
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Extra Space Storage - Roseville

8405 Washington Blvd
RosevilleCA 95678
1 miles
Online Only Rate: Starting at $224.00
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Find Vehicle Storage Near Citrus Heights, CA

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Cheap Vehicle Storage Units Citrus Heights, CA.

Compare parking storage in Citrus Heights, CA. Reserve cheap vehicle storage for FREE online or by phone with U.S. Self Storage.

Find Citrus Heights vehicle storage near you. Compare Citrus Heights vehicle storage parking prices, sizes, amenities, and discounts. View pictures, descriptions, and read customer reviews to assist you in making a selection when looking for a location to store your automobile. Once you select a cheap vehicle storage space in Citrus Heights that best fits your needs, simply reserve online for FREE and lock in your car storage price, save money and time. If you prefer, you can call and speak to a friendly and professional customer service representative, who could answer all your questions and who could take a reservation over the phone for FREE. No credit card is required to reserve vehicle storage in Citrus Heights online or by phone. A detailed confirmation e-mail will be automatically forwarded to your inbox. Your storage space will be available for you when you arrive at the self-storage facility on your move in date. 

First month free, $1 the first month, 50% off discount vehicle storage in Citrus Heights, CA.

Self-storage facilities for vehicles in Citrus Heights, CA offer a variety of discounts to their customers. When searching for storage places for your vehicle in Citrus Heights, compare the storage locations prices. as well as their discounts that they are offering at the Citrus Heights storage facility to best store your vehicle. Some self-storage facilities in Citrus Heights offer the same special on every vehicle storage parking space they have at their storage facility, while other facilities might offer different specials on select auto storage units in their storage location. Citrus Heights storage facility specials change from day to day, depending on the storage facilities supply and demand, so reserve a monthly parking near you for free in advance. Due a very high occupancy or limited availability some storage facilities might not offer a discount on vehicle storage. 

Vehicle Storage Storage for rent in Citrus Heights, CA. Prices can vary based on storage unit sizes and it's amenities.

Vehicle Storage in Citrus Heights start as low as $36.00 per month. Typically, outside uncovered storage parking is less expensive and is typically located around the outside perimeter of the storage facility building. You will find that covered vehicle storage or enclosed vehicle storage monthly cost will be more. The most common sizes for vehicle storage in Citrus Heights are 10’ X 15’ and 10’ X 20’ and 10' X 30, they are usually covered or uncovered and accommodate parking for cars, boats, trailers, campers, and RVs. Enclosed drive up motorcycle storage units, jet ski storage units, wave runner storage units and ATV storage unit sizes are typically  5’ X 10’, 7' X 10' and 10’ X 10’. 

The search results have produced 40 cheap vehicle storage facilities in Citrus Heights, CA.

Within 5 miles of your Citrus Heights vehicle storage search query, we are showing 9 vehicle storage facilities. Within 25 miles of your Citrus Heights vehicle storage search query, we are showing 39 vehicle storage facilities. If you would like to narrow your search result, enter your zip code in storage near you field to find the best storage facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where could I find the best vehicle storage in Citrus Heights?

To search for vehicle storage facilities in Citrus Heights enter your city or zip code in the search bar on U.S. Self Storage. Look into a location that is close to where you live or work and for a monthly discount that the storage facility is offering.

How much does it cost to rent a vehicle storage in Citrus Heights, CA?

The larger the vehicle the more it will cost, an increase in demand in the city or zip code will also determine the price. An uncovered parking space will be less expensive than a covered or enclosed storage space. Search U.S. Self Storage to find the right type, size and price.

What are the various types of Self Storage for your vehicle in Citrus Heights?

The are three types of storage spaces for your vehicle: an enclosed drive up storage unit, a covered parking space and an uncovered parking space. Find the vehicle storage type that best fits your need on U.S.Self Storage.

Could a 5 X 10 enclosed storage unit fit a vehicle?

A 5 X 10 storage unit can not store a vehicle. However, a 5 X 10 drive up storage unit will be suitable for a motorcycle, scooter, jet ski or small trailer.

What size storage space do I need to store a vehicle in Citrus Heights?

A storage unit needs to be at a minimum 10 x 15 feet to store an automobile, however, a 10 X 20 would probably be a better size. Measure the width and length of your automobile prior to renting a storage unit with U.S.Self Storage for your vehicle.

How long could I store my vehicle in Citrus Heights?

You could store your vehicle for a month or as long as you want. Prior to storing your vehicle it is important to look into steps and tips on U.S. Self Storage; for example starting your vehicle frequently and covering your vehicle.

What is the length of a vehicle?

Automobile models fluctuate in their size. However, a common vehicle is approximately 15 feet in length. Smaller more economical vehicles are closer to 10 feet in length. Find the storage that fits your vehicle's length with U.S. Self Storage.

Citrus Heights, CA is a great place to rent vehicle storage units.

Living in Citrus Heights, CA can be a great experience. It's close to Sacramento and travel from the city to other places is easy. You can head off on an adventure in nearly any direction by train, bus, plane, or car, depending on how you like to get around. The dry summers and mild winters enjoyed by the residents of Citrus Heights means you can be out doing things nearly all year long. There are great places to hike, bike, camp, swim, fish, and do other activities nearby, and you're also close to plenty of restaurants, bars, and other types of places to spend your time and have some fun.

There Are Storage Facilities in Your Area

If you've just moved to the Citrus Heights area, or you've lived there a long time and are getting tight on space, you have options to consider for how you want to make more room or store your things. There are some great storage facilities in the area. More than 83,000 call the city home, and there's always plenty to do, including some wonderful shopping. Eventually, you may end up with some extra things that you just don't have a lot of room for. Fortunately, whether it's a vehicle you need to store or some items that need climate control and good protection from the elements, you can make the right choice for the best storage option.

Keeping Your Vehicle in Storage

Whether you're in the more populous zip codes of 95610, 95621, and 95611, or you live a little further out of the way in an area that's less population dense, there are vehicle storage units nearby. That's also true if you're outside the city, between Citrus Heights and Sacramento, Santa Rosa, or San Francisco. You don't have to keep an extra vehicle at your house when there are storage solutions nearby.

That's especially important if you need more space in your garage or your HOA doesn't want you parking that boat or RV in your driveway or beside your house. Rather than fight with your HOA or stuff too much into your garage, a vehicle storage unit can be the right choice. Then you don't have to worry about where your vehicle is and if it's being protected from the elements. You can get to it anytime you need to, and it won't be in the way.

Choosing Climate Controlled Storage or a Drive-Up Unit

If you just need to store some of your things, you have options between a drive up unit and a climate controlled unit. With a climate controlled unit you can protect your sensitive items more easily. These units are good for delicate items, personal papers, musical instruments, antiques, and other things that could be affected by the elements.

If you just have more standard household goods, you may just want a drive-up unit that you can pull up to, put your things in, and drive way. That gives you easy access to the items that you want and need, but you won't get protection from heat and cold like you would with a climate controlled unit. Even in a moderate climate like Citrus Heights, that can be important.