Online Self Storage Networks Bringing Attention to the Industry

Online Self Storage Networks Bringing Attention to the Industry.

Insiders from the self storage industry will probably tell you that one of the biggest challenges they face is getting customers interested in the product that they are promoting. Self storage isn’t the topic of the most popular conversations and it tends to be discussed primarily only when there is a need for it. Customers are concerned with price and will choose the facility that offers the best value for money.

Therefore, how do we fix the challenge of promoting the industry and increasing awareness while maintaining a profitable business? This is a difficult task but not an impossible one. The television show Storage Wars has brought a new twist on the industry and has managed to bring attention and interest from a wide range of people. Airing on A&E, Storage Wars focuses primarily on auctioning items from abandoned or unpaid storage units. The bidding creates an air of excitement and frenzy, which makes for good television.

However, television shows with all their glitz and glam, are not the only way to bring attention to the industry. For the many of the same reasons why self storage auctions are able to create awareness about the self storage industry, self storage aggregators have been playing their part in raising awareness and highlighting the industry. Self storage aggregators work arduously to promote self storage facilities and bring new traffic to their businesses. Often mistakenly referenced as ‘self storage search engines’, self storage aggregators offer many more services than just that of a search engine.

Self storage aggregators, using a targeted approach, create focus on the self storage industry by offering customers a convenient way to search for and rent self storage units online. Sites such as, promotes individual self storage facilities and efficiently finds them new customers. Small self storage facilities benefit from this as they may not other have the money to do much marketing and self-promotion with a small budget.

Using innovative and creative marketing techniques, self storage aggregators are able to bring more popularity to the industry by interacting with previous and potential customers on a variety of platforms. For example, they employ the use of social networking sites to highlight the different self storage facilities which they promote. By offering informative blog that caters to both self storage facility owners and self storage customers, is one self storage aggregator that is actively playing a role in promoting the industry.

The ease with which customers are able to rent, locate and save when looking for self storage puts ahead of other self storage aggregators and poises it to be a front runner in the industry on a whole. Customers are able to find everything they need to rent a storage unit online and self storage facilities are assured a rental and not only a reservation. In the end, it is advantageous for everyone. "Like" them on Facebook, "Follow" them on Twitter and "Subscribe" to them on YouTube. is promoting the entire self storage industry by bringing positive recognition for the benefit of everyone.